Welcome to The West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society

The West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society (WCFPS) was formed 70 years ago, to protect access to the network of footpaths that cover west Cornwall.

We have a membership of more than 350, who are committed to maintaining footpaths through walking; clearing; signposting and campaigning.

We have a programme of leader guided circular weekly walks of varying distances, that enable walkers to discover some of the more obscure footpaths as well as enjoying the popular routes.

Outside of the bird nesting season we have a monthly path clearing group who tackle paths that have become overgrown, helping to keep them clear and preserve their existence.

Footpath signposts, which enable casual walkers to keep to the prescribed routes have a tendency to disappear and we, in conjunction with Cornwall Council and their contractors Cormac, have a monthly program of erecting new or replacement signposts.

The WCFPS, have a long history of campaigning to protect the valuable public resource that the footpaths offer. Whether it is the blocking of footpaths, stiles or gates by landowners or ensuring that historic footpaths, that were missed from the definitive map are added, we have dedicated officers who, with the support of the members, coordinate the societies actions in resolving the issues.

Although the original membership lived and walked in West Penwith, the members now live and walk throughout western Cornwall and occasionally elsewhere. 

If you have a passion for walking and protecting the stunning countryside and coastline of this beautiful area you will find a shared enthusiasm at West Cornwall Footpaths Preservation Society.

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The Ramblers commissioned groundbreaking new research which highlighted the amazing value of our path network. It found that usage of the network adds over 3,000 healthy years of life to the nation, worth an estimated £2 billion per year, over £33 per person in England and Wales.

Ramblers Head of Paths, Jack Cornish, said “We want to create a path network that allows everyone, everywhere to enjoy the staggering wellbeing value of walking in the outdoors. Together, we can make that a reality.” The WCFPS has now been involved in fulfilling that aim for 70 years and plans to continue to work for generations to come.

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We always welcome new members to walk and new leaders for walks.