Walk Programme: Submittal Form

You can send in walks for the April to June 2022 Programme. To see the dates and walks already on the list click 2022 Programme, Both are there. “2022 Walk Dates” and “Draft List April to June 2022”.

The programme will be published before the current programme ends. Both long and short walks are needed. Some very short walks, for those members who are no longer able to cope with more arduous routes would be good to have. When these walks are included we hope to also have an alternative short walk of around the normal 4 miles.

Please complete the form below to send your walk for one of the dates. If you wish to submit more than one walk, once the first form has gone a message will appear. To open a new form click the ‘Walk Programme: Submittal Form’ tab again:

or 'Any' if you are flexible
Just a few places which will be included. (TBC if not yet decided)