Walk Z1

Zennor Zennor Quoit, Sperris, Trendrine 

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Starting from outside the Tinners Arms, head south-east along the road out of the village. At the main road, turn left and uphill until you reach the start of the public footpath leading up the valley on your right; look for the green footpath sign.

Follow the public footpath that ascends gently into the valley, across Churchtown Common.

The path passes the medieval farmstead of Rosemorran.  Soon after, you cross a stile, and then through a gate, waymarked. 

You reach a crossing of paths between Rosemorran and Foage SW 462 378 – turn left through an old gateway and bear right to ascend uphill. Path narrows towards the top.

Reaching the top of the hill, you are greeted by the natural granite outcrops of Zennor Carn. Fantastic panoramic views. Walk around the Carn towards the sea.

Leave the area via the small gate at the northern (seaward) end, then follow the path that bears right. This side of the hill is Tremedda Common.

The path passes the entrance to “Carne Cottage” – carry on, then just beyond is a fork – take the right hand path – you are now walking along the large drove road running across the hilltops.

You reach Zennor Quoit – on a short path off to the right from the drove road SW 468 380. Access is easy and the area around the quoit is well cleared.  Having taken a look at the quoit, return to the drove road.

Further along the drove road you reach a point where several tracks meet SW 471 379. It is often flooded here but you can walk around the edge of the large puddles.  Take the narrow path that cuts back to the left (northwards).

You reach a ruined building – this is the Wheal Sperris counting house SW 469 382. Take the path that branches off to the right (east) just in front of the counting house and follow it up and over the shoulder of the hill.

Just over the shoulder of the hill, a path branches off to the right SW 470 383– it leads a short way to Sperris Quoit.  Return to the junction and continue east (right).

Shortly after crossing through a boundary hedge SW 473 384, look out for some cleared areas either side of the path – the remains of five Bronze Age roundhouses lie to the left of the path, followed by two on the right – this is Sperris Settlement. 

You reach the very flat (and often wet) saddle between the hills of Sperris and Trendrine SW 474 384.  A path forks sharply back to the right, along the parish boundary line – you can loop back now, or continue onwards to walk towards Trendrine.

You reach a boundary gate that crosses over into Trendrine land. Just to the left here is a prominent granite outcrop that provides great views. At present the final stretch of the path to Trendrine is rather overgrown – but the views from the trig point (247m above sea level) are well worth it SW 478 387

To return, retrace your steps to SW 474 384 (see above), then take the left-hand path that follows the parish boundary. It crosses the open moor then meets a boundary hedge; bear left keeping the boundary on your right. 

The path ends by a field gate into Amalveor downs SW 471 376 – at this point turn right (west) and return to the junction at the mouth of the drove roads SW 471 379. Head left along the trackway heading south – which funnels into another wide hedged drove road, heading along the upper edge of Amalveor Downs.  

Follow the path through the drove road, noting the surrounding landscape; at the end of the rough ground, just before the improved pasture, look for a small overgrown path to your right SW 471 376, take this and go over the stile and follow this path down into the Foage valley. Follow the line of the footpath and at the farm go through a way-marked gate and cross the farmyard.

Follow the vehicle track out of Foage and down the valley until it meets the main road.