Walk W1

Woon Gumpus Chun Castle

From the car park, walk through the small gateway, follow the path out onto the common then along the main track.

The track meanders across the flat expanse of “The Gump”. It can get quite wet in the winter – come with wellies and pick the driest line! 

Keep on the track heading straight towards the fields ahead. If you see cattle in the fields, you have the option to take the path to the right going past the pond and around the fields, eventually picking up another path climbing the hill. Otherwise, head straight towards the field.

Cross the granite stile next to the field gate, walk across the field and over the stile on the far side.

Continue on the path that heads straight up the hill, ignoring the tracks heading to the left or right. You are now on Higher Downs.

If particularly wet, a seasonal pond can form in a small depression in the hillside at this point – divert around the outside if needed, otherwise continue straight up the hill towards the Quoit.

Reach Chûn Quoit. A public bridleway comes uphill from the opposite direction (Carne Farm), then continues from the Quoit along to the Castle SW 404 339; follow this path to the summit.

Stop off and take some time to explore Chûn Castle. 

Optional diversion – from this point, you can take the spur down towards Bosullow Trehyllys. 

From Chûn Castle, you can find a path around the northern ramparts, that leads off down the hill in a west-north-westerly direction, and off the moor into a beautiful hedged lane, known as Backs Lane. Follow the lane to the end, and glimpse across into the amazing courtyard house settlement of Bosullow Trehyllys SW 409 342. Return back along the lane, but rather than climbing back up the hill, take the track that heads south around the base of the hill, down to Trehyllys Farm SW 408 336.

The main trail continues on a path around the south western side of the hillfort and down the hill towards Trehyllys Farm SW 408 336.

At Trehyllys farm (note the monkey puzzle tree), reach the end of the path, turn right and walk up the track. 

The track rises gradually then flattens out as it reaches the Gump – and continues along its southern edges.

You reach a convergence of routes, known as Pella Corner SW 398 332. A path heads back uphill off to the right of the built track – this is thought to be a fork of two possible lines for the Tinners’ Way; a higher route over the hills and a lower, more sheltered route. Continue straight on the main track.

You reach a cross-roads of tracks just before the main road SW 396 330. 

Optional Diversion – from here, you can explore the track up to Boswens Menhir. Walk up the old road towards the air traffic control tower (the flying saucer). Two thirds of the way up, go through a kissing gate in the fence on your left. Follow a short path across the moor to the prominent standing stone on the hillside – this is Boswens Menhir. When you’re done, retrace your steps back down the hill to (12).

 Cross over the main road and follow the wide hedged lane ahead – towards Higher Boslow Farm. You reach another cross-roads of tracks; if you’re keen, you can follow the lane all the way up the hill to Carn Kenidjack, or turn right and take the farm track back out to the road. Turn right onto the road, then a short distance on the roadside to the car park.