Walk T3

Tinner’s Way Towednack to St Just

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From Towednack car park (SW 4867 3807) cross the stile in the top right hand corner and continue down the right hand side of the field, hedge on right, field on left and cross over  the next stile. Cross the next field slightly diagonally, making for an opening in the hedge opposite, approx. a third of the way along. The roof of a cottage is visible on the other side of the field. Go through the opening and turn sharp left, so the hedge is now on your left with the field on right. Make for a stile in the bottom corner amongst trees – beware of an overhanging branch. Down a short path to a track with lily pond, turn right along the track.

As the track bears right, look carefully for a waymarker post in front of you slightly to the left (SW 4841 3784) marking a path which runs parallel to the pond, between the pond and a house on the far right. Keep on the path, and as the pond bears to the left, there’s another path immediately in front of you between 2 hedges, quite difficult to see. Take the path and continue over old stone steps and a stone bridge, over a stream and keep to the path until it meets a road. Continue up the road through the hamlet of Amalveor.

Having left Amalveor, and as the road bends sharply to the left by a dark wooden barn, find a bridleway sign on the right. Take this path which climbs steeply through high banks, and eventually emerges onto Amalveor Downs. Looking behind you can see the sea on either side, before the high hedges continue. Eventually come out onto the moors again where the paths fork. Take the left hand fork and continue walking parallel to a post and wire fence. The path eventually moves away from the fence but keep to the path until you see a waymarker post in front of you (SW 4722 3680), head towards it.

There are blue and yellow signs, follow the blue sign and continue straight up. Come to another post and continue following blue arrow straight on, parallel to the distant sea on the right. The path gradually turns to the right with a field on the left behind a hedge. Continue following the path, walking parallel to the hedge. Eventually arrive at a T-junction of paths, with a waymarker post and large granite slab on the ground (SW 4682 3666) and turn left.

Pass another way marker post and continue straight on (Ding Dong mine can be seen on the skyline in the distance). Pass a barn and house and another footpath sign on the left, but continue straight on, the track is now wide and dry. Pass a ruined building on the right, then a cottage “The Old Cottage Ladydowns Farm”. Continue past cottages and farm, passing a sign on the left for Carnquidden Downs Wildlife Haven. This area is known as Bishops Head and Foot, the name given to its boundary stone set in the track. At the end of the track is a gate with a sign Ladydowns Lane leading to the Zennor road, bear left until you come to a T-junction, the Newmill to Treen road. Cross the road.

Slightly to the right is a bridleway sign. Take this path, but be aware the path bears slightly to the right, following the direction of the sign. Do not go through the 2 large stones opposite, that appear to mark a path. The path meanders, running parallel to a gorse hedge on the left. Keep to the path as it bears left towards a hedge, it then turns to the right. You will eventually arrive at a waymarker post with a blue arrow pointing left (to Mulfra Quoit) (SW 4477 3581) but continue straight up, still heading towards Ding Dong mine on the skyline.

Arrive at a stone stile which takes you into the settlement, follow the path taking you diagonally to the left, then through an open gateway, still heading towards Ding Dong mine. Continue through a half-open Cornish gate and follow the path to the right, eventually reaching a wooden gate set in old stone posts by a tree, and out onto a track. Turn left. About 100 yards down on the right is another wide track which you take, passing a sign for Brook Cottage, then a layby with large rocks. Just after the track turns and before it straightens out towards the gate which can be seen in the distance, there is a path on the left by a small stream (which might dry out in the summer) and white stones. It’s the first and only path on the left. Take the path which meanders up and to the right, ending up parallel to a post and wire fence on the right, which runs between the moor and fields. Keep to the path, not deviating until you come to a fork with a carn in the background. The path on the right goes to a gate and stone gate post which can just be seen, take the left fork, heading towards a ruined building. Arrive at the 4 parishes boundary stone, a large stone lying horizontally (SW 4297 3541), and a path on the left (which leads eventually to Ding Dong mine). Bear right to pick up the track, then turn left past the ruined building. The path forks, a notice can be seen further down the right hand one by a gate. Take the left fork and continue along the track to reach the Madron to Trevowhan road.

Turn right and take the first turning on the left signed to Great Bosullow. Continue up this road for approx. 1 kilometre until reaching Trehlllys Farm where the track turns to the right, there’s a large monkey puzzle tree in the garden on your right. The track divides, take the left hand track. The track then forks again, the right one to a gate, take the left hand fork which skirts round the moors. Keep to the track, don’t deviate. Keep going straight until coming to a crossroads of tracks, but keep straight on to the main B3318.

Cross the road and up the track in front of you. The track turns to the left with a gate, but there’s a path continuing straight up, so take the path. It comes out onto a stony track, continue straight up. The track turns sharply left, but there’s a path going straight up, follow the path running parallel to a wall. The path does a bit of a jig to the right and then left, one way going to a large farm gate, the little path to the right leads to a smaller gate which you go through. Once through the gate take the path going left which skirts the hill with Carn Kenidjack on the brow of it. Keep to the path without deviating, Carn Kenidjack is high on the right. Keep to the path and eventually you’ll see St Just in the distance in front of you and slightly to the right. At a crossroad of paths continue straight across, and you can just see a stone circle in front of you in the middle distance. Continue circling the hill until you arrive at a double gate. Go through the smaller one and turn left along the path until you come to a farm on the left. The path becomes a track between farm buildings. On reaching a fork take the right hand one until it becomes a tarmac road with a drive going right. Continue down the road, past a Public Footpath sign on the left and a little stream running alongside.

Continue on the road until reaching a little hamlet with a road coming in from the left, but keep straight up the hill until reaching another little hamlet, passing a stone garage on the left, and a bungalow, No 10 Trevenah. Opposite No.5, the first of a terrace of cottages on the right, is a little alley or snicket, running steeply down on the left, which you turn down. At the bottom you cross the road and climb up the steep hill opposite. Pass farm buildings on right and left and head towards the top where the road turns to the left. At this bend there’s a small stone shed in front of you with a gate, turn right just before that. On the right are wooden steps going down into the front garden of a house. Turn between the stone shed and the wooden steps, and there’s a grassy path running between 2 houses, with a stile and footpath sign about 20 yards down. Cross the stile and head down the field, going through a homemade gate on a spring, and continue down, with St Just church in front of you. Cross the stile at the bottom, cross the road, and up the steep tarmac path opposite. At the top of the path keep to the right and arrive at the church. turn right past the church and come out into St Just.