Walk S3

Sancreed Madron, Dennis Place

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The walk is over a mixture of fields, tracks and roads and can be very muddy in places. There are a large number of stiles, most of them stone.

Starting from Sancreed Church (SW 420 293) head NE through the recreation ground and over a coffin stile into the next field.  Continue along the left-hand side of the next field and into a track. 

At the end of the track turn right onto the road and follow this passing Trerice.  When the road bends to the right, in front of Heron Cottage, turn left over a footbridge and stile and through the gate ahead. Head diagonally across the next field, uphill to the gate in the far corner.

Follow the track ahead, keeping the hedge on your right.  After it crosses another track, keep along the right-hand edge of the next field. Go through the gate on the right part way up this field and cut across the corner to the stile onto the road.

Cross the road and walk straight ahead, up the middle of the field into a track through Roskennals (SW 428 309) to the A 3071 St Just road.

Turn right and walk SE along the road to the layby.  Go through the large metal gate and to the left of the wall ahead. Walk along the right-hand side of the first field and then head diagonally across the next field heading in the direction of St Michael’s Mount.  Aim for two gates in the distance and pass through the gate on the left, next to a slightly hidden stile.

Continue heading E across one more field and then turn right through a gap in the hedge and continue with the hedge on your left.  After about 20 yards, cross the stile on your left and head diagonally across a field and then turn left onto the track through Boswednan (SW 441 309). Bear right down a grassy track and continue straight ahead down the path through the woods, over a foot bridge and straight ahead up the hill.

At the top of the field continue straight ahead into a track that passes through Trengwainton Farm.  When the track bends to the right, keep straight ahead, across two fields and onto the road into Madron.

Turn left onto the road and then right onto the car park by the church.  There are several benches in the Memorial Garden (SW 453 317) – a good place to stop for lunch.

On leaving the Memorial Garden turn left and left again to take a well-defined path heading SE and passing a cross (SW 454 315). Cross the road and continue S along the track across several fields to where four paths meet (SW 454 306).

Turn sharp right and go down the stone steps.  Continue straight ahead to a wide, stone footbridge into woodland.  The path ahead is not well used and is notoriously boggy.  If it is not passable, return over the footbridge and continue NNW into the next field. Shortly after the stile (SW 452 308) there is a well-used path heading SW to meet the right of way in the far corner of the field.

Continue E to Lesingey Lane. Turn right and then left on the Tremethick Cross to Trengwainton road.  About 25 metres after the junction, just before the driveway to Parc an Growes, turn left over a stone stile and a footbridge, along the path and into the field (parc).  The cross (growes) is in the right-hand hedge (SW 447 306).

Aiming due S, cut across the corners of the next two fields, over stone stiles to the A3071, St Just road again. Cross the road and go into the next field, bearing slightly left away from the right-hand hedge to reach a path in the far corner.  At the end of the path, turn right onto the road at Dennis Place (SW 445 300) then keep straight ahead, over a foot bridge to a path beside the house.

At the end of the path, continue straight ahead, crossing two fields to join a track along the right-hand side of the field. Continue along the track, which turns into a grass path and then a gravel drive passing Red Lodge. Turn left onto the road to Skimmel Bridge (SW 433 301) and after half a mile turn left again for Sellan. Keep to the road as it heads generally SW and downhill, turning sharp right and then bending left.

Turn left onto the track, down the valley towards Drift Reservoir and then up to Treganhoe Farm.

Note: As of spring 2024 the path through the farmyard is the subject of a disputed DMMO and the owner has erected “no entry” signs.  If they are still there, turn left past the farm to the Sancreed road and turn right to return to the village.

Turn right and walk up through the farmyard to the field beyond. Walk diagonally across the first field, heading for the stile near a telegraph pole and continue in the same direction across the next two fields.

Keep to the right-hand edge of the next two fields and then turn left, re-joining the path through the recreation ground and back to Sancreed Church.