Walk S13

St Ives Treveal, Circular inland

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This walk was in our 1962 Walk Book and included multiple start points, multiple car park locations and multiple sidewalks.

This is the core walk which we have made circular.  If you would like to return by the Coast Path, head to the coast at Trevail Mill, but be aware that the Coast Path is quite a challenge along the return stretch to St Ives.

From the harbour near the lifeboat station head inland taking the second on the left then right into the High Street turning second right into The Stannack.  At the mini roundabout turn right into Bullan’s Lane and at the end left onto Alexandra Road SW 513 405.

Turn right onto Burthallen Lane, where the road bends to the left, find the footpath on the left SW 506 406, accessed via a stile, continue along this path passing two more stiles and a ramshackle gate to a marker post. 

Continue along the path keeping to the right-hand hedges, cross a farm lane and go through a gate, cross the field diagonally, then keep to the left.  Pass through six fields heading towards the building at Trowan SW 494 403. 

Follow the marker posts around the buildings and continue along to Trevalgan, head for the stile to the left of the last building and then take the right-hand path to pass BS Rock and continue in the same direction through several fields, exit the final field through a gate and turn right on to the footpath, cross a farm track and follow the path between hedges as it descends to reach Trevail Mill SW 475 401. 

Follow the lane up from the mill and follow it down to Boscubben.  Where the lane bends sharp right, turn left and take the footpath past Trendrine Farm SW 476 395 and Trevessa Farm. 

The footpath here is waymarked with black and white posts.  When exiting the final field turn right to pick up the lane which leads down to a road, turn left and after a short distance pick up another footpath on the left SW 487 394 to climb Trevalgan Hill.

Continue on the same footpath down the other side of the hill, turning right on to a lane SW 488 398. 

Follow this lane until it joins the road, turn left and follow the road a short distance to find another lane on the left which leads past Folly Farm. 

Where the lane turns to the left, find a footpath on the right and follow this across five fields with stiles between, Knill’s Monument can be seen on the hill in front of you, join the footpath between two hedges, which leads onto a lane. 

Turn left and pass through two gates near SW 501 400, turn right onto a lane then left after a low barn.Cross the courtyard to find a stile behind a wall, cross the field to another stile and gate.  Turn right to follow the path to pass behind a house and follow the path past the church SW 506 400.

Cross over the road and continue along the path, at the end of the path turn left onto Alexandra Road.  Follow Alexander Road down the hill and then turn left into Porthmeor Hill SW 514 405.

Follow the road past the St Ives Tate building and into town. 

Take any route back to the harbour.