Walk R1

Rosewall Hill CP Towednack

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From the car park follow the path to a junction of paths, take the right-hand path towards the top of Rosewell Hill.

Cross over a wooden stile, then a staircase stile, follow the path keeping the low wall to your right.

Pass through a gate and follow the path to a stile then follow the path towards Towednack Road SW 492 386

Turn left onto the road and follow it a short distance to find a lane on the right signposted ‘Higher Bussow Farm’, follow the lane downhill and where the lane bears left find the footpath directly ahead. 

Pass through stile and cross to the farm gate directly ahead, from the gate cross the next field to find a high stile in the top right corner.  Cross a stile to find a footpath between hedges crossing another stile into a field. 

On the day I completed the walk there was a (thankfully) benign bull in residence!

Exit this field by way of a further stile to find a small copse with a stile to enter a field.  Cross this and a further two fields by way of gates to find a footpath with stiles at both ends.  At the end of the path turn right on to the road then turn left heading towards the church. 

By the church, find a path on the left SW 487 380 which leads to a lane. 

Turn left onto the lane then right onto the road SW 488 380

At the next junction turn left to pass Cold Harbour House and the Old Chapel, continue along the road to find a footpath on the left 150m past the entrance to Chytodden SW 4966 3784.

Follow this path across two field to find a footpath, which can flood in places in wet spells.  At the end of the path cross a stile to find a field, head just to the left of the mine engine house ruin, pass through the stile and follow  Higher Bussow Farm lane uphill  at the end of which turn right to re-join Towednack Road. 

Find the second footpath on the left SW 496 378 and follow this to a junction of paths, with a marker post, where you turn left SW 494 395 and walk uphill to where it joins another path leading downhill, at the end of this path turn left and walk the short distance back to the carpark.