Walk P5

Penzance 4 Alverton, Trengwainton Farm

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Leaving Penzance westwards by Alverton Road, take the first left turn after The Pirate Inn and turn immediately right.  This leads up to the small car park in front of Hope Chapel SW 461 298.

Leave the car park to the south up a short path that takes you back to Alverton Road.  Cross the road and turn right through an opening into Trenoweth Road SW 459 298.  Turn left into Cardinnis Road and find the gap in the hedge crossing the A30 SW 458 299.

Take care crossing the A30.  On the other side you will be in the Millenium Woods which were laid out in 1999 to mark the new millennium.  Make your way through the woods to join a path at SW 457 300 – turn right here and head north towards the Youth Hostel for about 200 yards and you will arrive in the drive to the YHA at SW 457 302.

Turn left and make your way past the buildings, keeping right when the path forks at SW 456 303 by going down the hill to cross the stream.  Up the other side and turn left onto the drive to Rose Hill Farm and through the farmyard remembering to close the gates behind you as there are normally a small herd of South Devons in the field.

When you are in the field, branch left off the track at SW 454 305 and head towards a hidden stile in the far corner of the field SW 454 306.

Over the stile and keep left when the path forks on the other side and make your way along a clearly defined path being careful to keep right a few yards further on when the path divides at SW 453 307.

You will end up on the Heamoor to Sancreed road opposite the Trengwainton Estate SW 451 311.  As you join the road, you will be close to a set of steps on the right that lead to the Boscathnoe Reservoirs; you could detour to take a look if you have enough time.

Back on the road, turn right towards Heamoor and, once in front of the entrance to the Estate, turn left up the lane to Madron.

Just as you reach the first houses in Madron you will see a stile on your left at SW 452 317.  This path continues more or less straight through fields, then to the Trengwainton farmyard, over more fields, down a hill for quite a way until you get to the stream at SW 441 311.

Walk up the hill to Boswednan Farm where you need to make your way through the yard, keeping to the left, to find a track that leaves the yard at SW 441 309.  It can be quite difficult to find but perseverance always pays, as you will be well out of your way if you miss the turnings.

A short distance up the track the path branches to the left at SW 442 308 where you go through the middle of a couple of fields until you exit back onto the Heamoor to Sancreed road SW 445 307.

Turn left down the hill and, when you are at the bottom, turn right up Lesingey Lane which leads you onto the St Just road where you cross with care, heading towards the A30 roundabout before wending your way back to the car park in Alverton Road.