Walk P4

Penzance 4 Inner 1687 Boundary Stone Walk

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Our walk follows the inner ring of four boundary stones erected in 1687 following the incorporation of Penzance as a market town by King James in 1614.  The stones are marked on a notice board on the promenade just west of the Alexander Road roundabout (Note 1).

Start at Green Market SW 471 302 – the original centre of Penzance and the original location of Market Cross.  It is now in front of Penlee Museum and it will be our first stop on the walk. 

Make your way south down Union Street and then right along North Parade, straight across Morrab Road and then left at the T junction with Park Corner.

Follow the road to the right and you will see the park gates directly opposite – go into the park and follow the path around to the left and through to the front of Penlee Museum where you will see the Market Cross now at SW 470 300 marked “X” on the notice board.

Head west through the park to the gate by the Lodge at SW 467 300. Turn right into Trewithen Road and then left almost immediately into Hawkins Road and then right into Alexander Road.

Once up the hill at Alverton Road, turn left and then cross the road, you are looking for the first boundary stone marked “c” on the map at SW 464 300, about 150 yards on the right, opposite Ivy Lane.  This is a replacement stone erected in 1865 and you can still make out some of the inscription.

Turn around and head back towards the town centre, pass Alexander Road and then turn left up Kings Road at SW 467 301.  Up the hill a short distance before turning into Clements Road and then next right into Polwithen Road.  You are looking for a footpath in front of the old Bolitho School that carries straight on and emerges into Nancealverne Road at SW 466 308.  Almost directly opposite is stone “b”, on the right of the entrance to the Cricket Ground.  It is still the original stone but it is not in good condition and it is difficult to make out the inscription.

Go through the gates of the cricket ground and follow the path to the left, around the ground and straight on through the cemetery.  The path emerges in Manor Way SW 466 311.  Turn right and after 150 yards or so, turn right again at SW 467 314 up a track that becomes Coombe Lane.  Turn right again where the lane joins Polgaze Close and then follow the road that becomes a path that threads its way in almost a straight line through the housing estate.  You will be walking for nearly a mile down the valley to Chyandour Lane before emerging onto the A30 at SW 479 310.

Turn right towards the town centre along Chyandour Road to find the last stone “a” outside house number 8 Chyandour Road at SW 478 309.  This is one of the original stones and you can just about make out the inscription.

The final stone is in Wherrytown by the notice board.  Head towards town, pass the railway station, through the docks and along the prom.  It is at “d” just west of the Alexander Road roundabout at SW 469 295.  The stone is a recent replacement and is located behind the notice board itself.