Walk P10

Penzance Boundary Walk – Part 2

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2023

Our thanks to Fred, Gerry and Minnie Gendall for devising this walk that follows the outer ring of Penzance boundary stones.

Start at the Penzance Boundary notice board at the bottom of Alexandra Road, on the green near the sea SW 469 295.  The notice board shows you the position of the boundary stones – labelled “a” to “d” for the 1687 ones and “e” to “k” for the 1934 ones.

Hidden behind the notice board is a replacement boundary stone “d” at erected in 2014.

Start your walk by heading south along the sea front to Newlyn. Continue through Newlyn to Mousehole.

Make your way through the village to the foot of Raginnes Hill SW 468 261.  Continue up the hill following the road until you see the Coast Path leading off to the left SW 467 256.

Keep to the Coast Path for a 100 yards or so.  If you look carefully you will find stone “k” in the wall at SW 466 255. It is at the point where a footpath heads off to the right.  The stone is opposite a driveway to a house on the left.

Retrace your steps to the lane and turn left past Raginnis and on to the “T” junction at SW 457 258 where you turn right towards Sheffield.

Walk through the village and turn left into Quarry Lane at SW 457 268.  At the point the lane turns sharp left you should see boundary stone “j” in the wall at SW 456 268.  Retrace your steps to the road and turn left.

After about 100 yards, at SW 457 270, there is a track to the left that leads through a vehicle repair yard.  Follow the track as it becomes a path and reaches the road to Kerris.  Cross the road and follow the track until you join the road to Chyenhal.

Follow the lane for quite some time until you reach a bridleway sign at SW 445 283.  Follow the bridleway until it branches at SW 446 286 and turn right and then merges with another bridleway a bit further on.  This ancient track can get very muddy in winter.

 The next boundary stone “i” is a couple of hundred yards down this track at SW 450 285 (Marked on OS map).  We have never found it.  Interestingly, the notice board marks the location as SW 452 285.  Maybe we have been looking in the wrong place. Once you have overcome your frustration at not finding the stone – head on to the chapel at Tredavoe SW 453 285 and turn left into the village.

To return to Penzance, follow the road into the village centre and then, at the village triangle, branch right at SW 455 286.  After 50 yards you reach another path – keep left. 

This is the back way into Newlyn and there are multiple routes into the town.  One of the simplest to follow is to turn left at SW 459 288 into Lower Gurnick Road for a few yards before turning right down paths and roads to Old Paul Hill at SW 460 290

If you still do not know where you are, turn left and then shortly right down a steep path that brings you out to the Coombe at SW 460 291

Once in Newlyn, follow the prom to the noticeboard.