Walk N3

Newlyn Chyenhal, Paul

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Starting from Newlyn War Memorial, head towards Penzance.  At the junction head straight across on to The Coombe to find a footpath on the left at SW 4605 2910, head up the steps and slopeturn left then right to another flight of steps.  Turn left on to the road to find the footpath opposite, turn left to find footpath in the far corner, at SW 4598 2887 go up the steps and then turn right on to the footpath.

At the next junction of paths head straight ahead, up the stone steps and cross a stile into a field, keep to the left-hand hedge, cross this and another two fields with stiles to a wide gap in the hedge.  Turn right and cross the field to another gap in the hedge, not the footpath on the right of the gap, again turn right and cross the field, here turn left to follow the path to the right of the house.

Cross the field diagonally to the left, to a hidden gap in the hedge with a stile, then cross the next field diagonally heading just to the right of the telephone pole to a gap in the hedge at SW 4525 2833.

Turn right on to footpath and at the next marker post turn left onto track.  Follow the track some distance, keeping right at the first marker post, then turning left at the second one SW 4472 2883.

Follow this path to the road from Drift to Chyenal at SW 4458 2833 turn left to follow the road to SW 4473 2819 to join the footpath on the left.  At SW 4503 2803 turn right along a track to re-join the Drift road.  Turn left and follow the road to where it bends sharp left, where the bridleway continues straight ahead. 

Follow the bridleway to cross a road at SW 4533 2736 and continue along the bridleway, ignoring the footpath on the right to join the Newlyn to Lamorna road at SW 4576 2702Turn right to follow the road a short distance to find a byway, on the left, just past the sign for Sheffield.  At the next marker post at SW 4603 2688, turn left and follow the footpath, turning right at Paul Cricket Club.  Take the left-hand lane and follow it until it meets the road at SW 4638 2714 in Paul village.

Turn left on to the road and follow it a short distance to find a lane on the right, with Deleon Cottage on the corner. Find a footpath at the end of the lane up a few stone steps. At the next junction of paths at SW 4655 2744 go over the low stile andturn left and follow the new path between the fences (not shown on some older OS maps) until it meets the road at SW 4642 2793

Pass through the gateway into the field and follow the footpath to a low stile, cross the next field to a gap in the hedge and over the stile to join the road from Paul to the Gwavas estate in Newlyn.   Follow the road down the hill and turn right on to Bowjey Hill at SW 4635 2824, where the road bends to the left, find a footpath ahead, which zig-zags down the hill to a parking area. Continue straight ahead to the road, then turn left and then first right on to a road which leads down to Fore Street.

Turn left to follow the road back to the start.