Walk N1

Newlyn (Skilly) Paul, Gwavas

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From the road side parking area at Skilly, SW 4700 2748, walk along the coast into Mousehole.  Just before the large car park, at SW 4715 2659 find some steps on the left.  At the bottom of the steps turn right and follow the path to the harbour. 

Turn right at Fore Street SW 4692 2637, then bear left, go up the steps and turn left then first right.  Climb up the slope then turn sharp right at the metal railings, take the footpath on the left, just before a field at SW 4678 2638 this path has a few sets of stone steps before reaching a field. 

Cross three fields each with a stile before reaching some buildings at Trevithal SW 4627 2666.  Turn right to find a stile to the left of a metal gate.

Cross two fields with stiles, keeping to the left-hand hedge, in the third field head straight across towards Paul church at SW 4643 2705. At the end of the lane turn left on to the road in the centre of Paul village, look for the footpath on the left, just to the right of Kleynack Cottage, opposite Trungle Vineries.  The footpath ends in a set of stone steps, after which turn right and follow the right-hand hedge, to meet a path which crosses the field between two telegraph poles.  Follow this path across another four fields, with stiles or gates, keeping the road on the right. 

Re-join the road at SW 4597 2784 and follow the Newlyn to Lamorna road straight ahead down Chywoone Hill through to Newlyn.  Turn right on to the Strand and follow the road around the harbour, and as the road starts to go uphill, turn right into Trewanreneth Street at SW 4631 2856.  

At the end of the road turn left into Gwavas Road and continue up the hill on Gwavas Lane.  At SW 4643 2793, as you get to the open countryside, find a gap in the hedge on the left with some stone steps.  Go through the gap and turn right to follow the path across two fields, with a low stile between, to a gate.  Here, follow the footpath on the right following the fence (not on many OS maps as the footpath has been diverted to avoid the quarry).

At SW 4655 2745 turn left, following the footpath through the fields then descend a long steep staircase back to the coast road at Skilly.