Walk M5

Madron Ding Dong, Mulfra Quoit

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From the parking turn right then left down Church Road. At the T-junction take the road opposite, Aldreath Road. After 50 yards there’s a footpath sign on the right and stone stile. Take the wooded footpath to another stile and out into a housing estate. Continue past 5 houses and turn left, then take the path that joins it from the right, continuing parallel to the houses. Two consecutive stiles and into a field, continuing in same direction hedge on left, field on right, to another stile into the next field, and continue. Cross stile at end of field into a lane and turn right until reaching the hunt kennels on the right and a white cottage facing you SW 452 326.

Keep to the left of the cottage, and immediately past is a footpath sign on the right. Go up the bank and over the stile into a steep field, bearing left diagonally to a stile in the top left-hand corner. The path crosses 2 more fields in the same direction and over stiles out into the lane you left at the kennels – Break My Neck Lane SW 452 330.

Turn right and continue up track, taking the left hand fork. After approx quarter of a mile reach a lane and a road coming in from the right with a stile and footpath sign SW 454 335. Turn left along the lane and then turn left at Gear Lane and after approx 30 yards take the right hand stile into a field and turn immediately left, so field is on the right SW 454 337.

At the end of the field turn right round an enclosure to a gate and stile in the hedge. Cross the track and take the stile opposite. Cross the field diagonally to the right to a stile and into a small croft or moor. Follow the path of soft nibbled grass bearing left to where the roofs of 2 buildings can be seen. Over a stile and pass between Trythall School and Trythall Mission Church SW 452 341.

Cross the road and up steps to a stile and into a field. Continue straight up with the hedge on the right to the top corner where there’s another stile. Then cross diagonally down to the right to a stile in the corner. This has a gate and then very steep steps down into an overgrown wooded path. Out into a lane and turn left, continuing up into the hamlet of Mulfra, through the houses, passing a white bungalow on the left and farmyard, and to a path between the bracken, onto the moors SW 454 347.

Continue climbing up until reaching a post with blue arrows. Follow the path going straight up, until eventually reaching Mulfra Quoit SW 451 353. Continue past with the quoit on your left and reach another post with blue arrows.

The original walk took the right hand path which bears round to Grove Corner and the bus back, but now no buses run from there. For the longer walk, at the blue arrows, take the path straight up and continue with the sea in front of you in the distance until eventually reaching another post with arrows SW 447 358 and turn left. Cross a stile and continue on the path through the gorse bearing left and heading towards an engine house on the skyline. Through a gateway in a wall and continue on the path until eventually through a gate and out onto a track SW 443 354, and turn left.

The track becomes a tarmac lane, continuing through the tiny hamlet of Tredinneck. Come to a T junction SW 445 348 and turn right up the hill which snakes to right and left, past an engine stack. Just past a house, Trevose, on the left, is a track going right, past an engine house SW 441 347.  Continue on the track past a cladded barn now a house on the right, heading towards Ding Dong Mine SW 435 345.

Once at the mine the track veers to the left. Continue on the track which gradually heads down becoming tarmac at the entrance to a farm. After approx. half a mile the lane meets the Madron road and there’s a footpath sign on the left with a stile into a field SW 438 330.

Continue down the field with a hedge on left and field on the right. About a quarter of the way down the field is a stile on the left, cross it and then continue in the same direction. At the bottom continue over a stile in the same direction. Approx half way down is another stile taking you back to the original side, so now the hedge is on the left and the field is on the right. At the bottom is a stile taking you into a field. Cross slightly diagonally right to a stile in the opposite hedge, near two large boulders, and onto a wooded path. After 10 yards you emerge onto the road and turn right SW 442 327.

Pass a Celtic cross on the left then a wooden sign for Madron Well, and a footpath sign. Ignore this and continue down the road before taking the second footpath sign on the left, at the end of which there is a stile into a field SW 445321.  Continue in the same direction, through a gap in the hedge into the next field and another stile. Continue towards the house at the end of the field and the stile just past it, which takes you out onto the road SW 449 320. Turn left back into Madron.