Walk M2

Madron Wishing Well, Trengwainton Carn

From Madron Church, walk north, up the road past the King William 4th pub.  Turn left on the road towards Morvah. On the outskirts of the village look for a granite stile just beyond the last house on the right, and cross into the field. The footpath turns immediately right and follows a well-defined path, initially along the edge of arable fields. After the second field, cross another stile into a hedged lane, then turn right when you come out onto the road (known as Wishing Well Lane) SW 445 324.

The entrance to the path leading to the well is indicated by a CASPN tablet, and an older plaque with the words “CELTIC CHAPEL & WISHING WELL” in incised lettering, set into a wall. Follow the clear path past the Wishing Well all the way to the Chapel.

The Chapel is accessible through a gate at the end of the footpath. Spend some time here, then return by the same route to the road, turn right and walk up the road towards Boswarthen.

Where the track bends off to the right across open fields, continues straight ahead into an old hedged lane, somewhat overgrown but with a clear path. The lane entrance is immediately to the right of a gate marked ‘Private’. Follow this lane uphill.

You reach a granite stile, and the footpath crosses a field which is currently grazed pasture. Expansive views across Mount’s Bay open out behind you here. Head up towards the metal field gate; the footpath stile is to the left of the gate, obvious when you get nearer. Follow up the edge of the next (long) field, keeping the hedge on your right, until partway up you see a stone stile in the hedge – here the footpath crosses over and continues up along the opposite side for a way. Cross the stiles in the top-right corners of the next two fields; the second one takes you back into the top of the long field – and the final stile is ahead in the top right corner, out onto the road to Morvah again at SW 438 330.

Turn left towards Madron as far as the next junction. Caution! This road can be busy, and vehicles do travel fast. 

Turn a sharp right into the lane signposted Newbridge. This is a much quieter road, with great high hedges containing abundant vegetation. Keep to the road past Pedn Venton and Higher Boswarva.

On the left, at SW 434 326 look for a gate and stile marking the start of the bridleway that heads towards Trengwainton Carn. Cross the stream, noting the ‘clapper’ style bridge made from single slab of granite. Almost immediately a path forks off to the right – take the left-hand branch, at first climbing slightly then levelling out, heading in the general direction of Trengwainton Carn, visible as a rocky outcrop in the distance.

Reach a point where several paths meet – pass through a gateway, continuing towards the Carn. A short way on, to visit the Carn follow one of the paths off to the right. Trengwainton Carn is a fantastic viewpoint; Trewern Round and standing stone can be seen nearby to the West.

The bridleway ends at a stile, a white gate and finger post where it meets the Madron to Morvah road again. Walk straight ahead down the road towards Madron. Note again this section of road can be quite busy, proceed with due caution.

Where the road bends to right and left, go straight on and take the footpath crossing the fields back towards Madron Village.