Walk M11

Mousehole Lamorna, St Loy’s Figure of 8

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From Mousehole harbour follow the coast path through the town picking up Raginnis Hill pass the wild bird sanctuary. 

Where the road bears right SW 466 256 follow the signs to the coast path on the left.  The path descends through woodland passing an overgrown ruin. Look out for exposed metal work embedded in the path. 

Follow the path for some time taking care when navigating granite outcrops.  Pass stream using the stepping stones.  Pass Wildlife Trust Information Point for Kemyel Crease SW 460 244.

Continue on Coast Path through the granite landscape before ascending steps at marker post before descending into Lamorna Cove SW 450 240.

Walk around the harbour, making use of the café (seasonal) before leaving on the road climbing up the hill.  Follow the road past the Lamorna Wink and Lamorna Village Hall.

Take the path on the left marked as a Public Bridleway SW 444 247.  Pass the Menwinnian Care Home and a converted chapel to the junction of two lanes and a road SW 435 246

Take the footpath on the left over a style and cross diagonally across the field to another stile.  Cross the field to the Merry Maidens stone circle SW 432 244 passing through the centre of the circle and continuing the same line to the corner of the field.  Cross the stile to join the road SW 431 244

Turn left and follow the road reaching Tregiffian Barrow, a megalithic chambered tomb (English Nature Information sign). Continue along the road for some down the hill, to join a footpath on the left as indicated by the marker post SW 418 238

Follow the footpath through the woods crossing the stream three times, the last time using stepping stones before reaching the coast path SW 421 231.

Cross the stile and turn left descending steps.  Follow the path crossing a track and going over a wooden bridge.  Turn left at the marker post and follow the track along the wall to join St Loy’s boulder beach SW 422 230

Cross the beach to the marker post at the left corner. Follow the Coast Path ignoring any side paths.  Pass through a gate as indicated by the marker post.  Pass the Penlee memorial and follow the path to a stile over the electric fencing.  Turn right and pass the entrance to Tater-Du lighthouse, continue along the Coast Path passing some boggy areas where there are some useful stepping stones to help you cross.  The granite outcrops increase as you near Lamorna Cove and care should be taken as you clamber over them.

Descend into the parking area and round the harbour, in the opposite direction to the previous visit SW 450 240.

After crossing the bridge, take the footpath on the left indicated by a marker post signed Kemyel Farm.  Climb this footpath until you reach the top of the hill, giving views back to the harbour.  At the Higher Kemyl farmhouse turn right to follow the track SW 452 244.  As the track turns left there is a stile and marker post SW 453 244.  Climb the stile and cross the field keeping the hedge on your left.

Cross another field and a stile before heading for the corner of the wall in front of the farm buildings ahead.  Cross a stile with a footpath sign SW 457 247 and turn left along a farm track passing between farm buildings at Kemyl Crease Farm.  Continue along the lane before crossing a stile on the right next to a metal gate SW 458 249.

The path keeps to the left of the field passing another stile.  Take the narrow path to a further stile and onto a stone bridge and stepping stones.  Follow the track, crossing a farm lane and through four gates, between farm buildings at Kemyl Drea SW 460 250

Pass through a wooden gate into a field with farm buildings on the right side.  Cross the stile by the stone cross.  Head across the field to a stile next to a gate.  Keep to the left boundary, passing over another stile into a field with a stile in the corner.  Cross the stile into a further field, again keeping to the left SW 464 254.

Cross another stile across another field to a further stile next to a metal gate leading to a road (Reginnis Hill) SW 464 257.  Turn right onto the road then immediately left beside Raginnis Cottage to enter Raginnis Farm.  Keep on the farm track to the right of the farmhouse and The Piggery to find the footpath directly ahead SW 465 258

Cross the stile, keeping to the boundary of the field before going through a gate.  Cross the field towards St. Michael’s Mount to another stile next to the wooden marker post.

Head across the next field to another stile and diagonally across this field to a gate in the hedge.  Pass down some stone steps and turn left.  After ten yards take a narrow path on the right SW 467 261.  Turn right and descend a steep lane into Mousehole.  Return to parked car.