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Madron Trevaylor, Penzance (one way) (1962 Map 1 Walk 6)

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By bus to Madron where a car could be parked for a return by bus, else the walk can be retraced from any point.

Walk back along the road to Penzance by which you have just come for nearly ¼ mile and mount the first stile on the left SW 455 318.

There is then a stone seat on its left-hand. Cross the field from this spot at right-angles to the road to a stile in the opposite left-hand corner, then go down a steep path through a thicket, crossing the steam by the stone bridge. This is called Madron Bottoms.

Mount the hill on the other side of the valley, following the path through the iron gate and keeping close to the right-hand hedges of four fields to a stile in the corner of the last field leading steeply down through a thicket to the road in the next valley, which is Bone Valley SW 461 321.

Crossing the road go up a lane opposite until you come to the small hamlet of Bone. Keeping straight on in the same direction the lane leads out of Bone and near the end is a stile on the left SW 465 323.

Over this the path, which may not be visible, leads diagonally across the near corner of the next field to another stile, over this and keeping close to the right-hand hedges of the next two fields, crosses the farmyard of Trevaylor into the main Penzance to Zennor road SW 468 325.

At Trevaylor House turn right for Penzance and further on there is a gate opening 300 yards on the right SW 470 322.

Over this is a faintly marked path under the right-hand hedge for 100 yards and then across the field diagonally into the opposite corner or, if the field is cultivated, follow the left-hand hedge to the stile. Now a well- marked track across three more fields leads to a narrow pedestrian lane, from which a stile leads into the Gulval to Heamoor road by the entrance to Boskenwyn House SW 469 316.

Turn half right down a short steep hill and straight down over a triangular grass plot, down a steep, stony lane, over a bridge and, crossing the busy A30, up into Treneere Estate.

Keep straight on through the roads to any part of Penzance or, at the roundabout after the shops SW 470 312, go down the Coombe Valley to the left to Chyandour and Penzance Bus Station.