Walk L8

Ludgvan Crowlas, Boskennal Mill

Walk Details

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From Ludgvan, follow road down to Crowlas, turn left and head along A30 for a short distance, to find a footpath on the left, just over the bridge SW 515 331.  Follow the path, which crosses back over the river, to the lane beyond.  Turn right just before the garages on the right, to follow the lane between the houses.

At the time of writing this lane is closed, so instead of turning right continue to the end of the lane and turn right, retracing your path back up the road towards Ludgvan for a short distance to find a narrow lane on the right between two houses at SW 512 332, the lane bends to the right before joining the lane as above turn left then follow the main directions.

Just beyond a junction the lane bears left, just before the bend find a footpath on the right between two bungalows SW 513 332.

Pass through the metal gate and follow the path to meet a footpath on the right, between fences.  Follow this footpath over a raised wooden bridge and in the field beyond bear slightly left to a stile in the far corner SW 513 335.

Head directly across the lane and follow the path ahead, known as ‘Cherry Lane’, as it climbs up the hill, pass through a gate and continue up the hill keeping to the right-hand hedge.  Climb over a stile and follow the path up to a gate, then climb up the steps to a lane.  Continue ahead a short distance, before turning left on to a track, at SW 514 338.

Follow the track passing a marker post, to a gate.  Pass through the gate and follow the footpath ahead as indicated, cross the river again, via the wooden bridge, then turn right and follow the path keeping the river on the right, pass through a metal gate to reach Boskennal mill SW 507 344

Cross the road to a footpath opposite, cross over the stile into the courtyard and the footpath is directly ahead between hedges.  Climb up and down the stone steps before turning left in the field beyond to reach a stile.  In the next field climb the hill following the line of the telegraph poles, at the top of the hill the footpath is on the left between two hedges, climb over the stile to reach Boskennal Farm SW 504 344

Cross the road and enter the farmyard by the gate, keep straight ahead to pass between two houses to a gate, continue ahead the turn left to pass behind the barn.  Turn right on a path on the right between hedges to a metal gate, bear right to find a footpath leading down the hill and bear right again to find a wooden walkway, to cross another river climb the path opposite to find a stile.  Continue to climb the hill in the next field keeping to the right-hand boundary to find a narrow path on the right, to the right of a metal gate. 

Follow the path between a fence and hedge to a stile on the right, opposite a small metal gate.  Follow this path a short distance, passing behind a shed, then turn sharp left on to a track.  Follow the track to reach entrance to Lower Chellew Farm, SW 497 341

Cross over the road and follow the footpath, bear right at the metal gate and cross over a small stone bridge and through a gate, bear slightly left to climb the hill. 

After passing through a tumbled down wall bear left to follow the line of the wall, pass through some bushes and cross a field to reach a stile to the right of the buildings.  Follow the left-hand boundary to reach a lift stile, at SW 496 337, then cross the road to the footpath opposite. 

Follow the path to reach a gate, the cross the field on the well-defined path to reach a stile.  In the next field keep to the right-hand boundary, the path continues between hedges to reach a stile on the left.  Follow the right-hand boundary in the field to pass through some bushes then over a wall and a stile, in the next field head diagonally left to reach a stile then turn right on to the road at SW 492 330

After a short distance find a footpath on the left, pass over a stile and follow the path to a field, find the stile on the left, then cross the field diagonally to the right to find a stile in the far corner. 

Continue straight ahead on the road for some distance, just past the house on the right, at SW 498 331, find a stile and footpath, which leads on to a field, cross the field to a stile and in the next field keep to the left-hand hedge. 

At the end of the field turn left and then keep to the right-hand boundary to find a stile.  Turn right on to the road from Ludgvan up to the quarry, keeping a wary eye out the lorries.  Return to the start.