Walk L7

Ludgvan Boskennal Mill, Circular
Walk Details
● Start Point – Ludgvan Churchtown at church/pub or park in the village
● Grid Reference – SW 505 330 ///studs.catchers.circulate
● Distance – 4.5 miles
● Time – about 2 hours
● Way points – Treassowes Manor, Boskennal Mill, Tregender Vean, Ludgvan Leaze
● Refreshments – White Hart pub
● First Walked – Appeared in the 1962 Walk Book Map 5 Walks 3 and 4 combined
● Author – Revised in 2023 by Fred Gendall, Gerry and Mini

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2023
This is a circular walk from Ludgvan via Tredadjack Farm dropping down to the Red River valley at Boskennal Mill.
It is approximately 4.5 miles circular. You can park outside the White Hart public house or the Church.
Leaving the car park at the church and pub, head up the hill towards Ludgvan Square. Continue through the square and up the hill towards the Castle Quarry along the B3309 Road.
Pass Ash Farm on your right and at the house called “Bowls” take the footpath on your left SW 502 331.
Keep to the left of the field before turning right as you pass through the hedge. Keep the hedge on your right, cross over the stile and turn diagonally left across the field. Follow the enclosed path to the stile and, at the road, turn left SW 498 330.
Walk past “Tregadjack” on the right hand side. At a right hand turn in the road, go straight on and follow the footpath until you come to a stile and you pass into a lane SW 492 329.
Turn right in the lane and, after about 75 yards, turn left over a stile before crossing the field on the diagonal to the right.
Go through the small copse of woods with a granite stone SW 493 332 (possibly a boundary stone) on your right. Carry on and take the left-hand side of the field ahead of you. Follow the well-marked path with very unusual footpath signs.
Pass through the wooden gate, bear slightly right to the road and turn slightly uphill to another stile across the road SW 496 337.
Go over the stile and keep the buildings of Treassowe Manor to your right hand side before going over another stile and then walking diagonally left towards the trees. Following the path and find the steps down into the lower field, take them and turn left. You are looking for a metal kissing gate over the stream on the right-hand side SW 496 340.
Look across the river, you will see a lane at which point you need to start looking for the kissing gate.
When you cross the stream turn left and follow the lane to the road at Lower Trenowin. At the road go straight across. Follow tarmac and concrete road until it comes to a sharp left hand turn. Ahead is a wooden gate and wooden footpath sign on the fence SW 499 342 – “Footpath to Boskennel”.
Follow the field keeping the hedge on your left all the way until you enter a little wood. Cross the wooden bridge in the woods. Climb up through the woods to Boskennal farm before turning right and follow track around to the left. Look for a wooden gate to lead you through the farm. Alternatively, use the road around the farm as a short bypass.
Take the footpath opposite Boskennel Farm. Follow the field steeply down, watching out for quite a few rocks to the path at the bottom, which is clearly signposted, goes around to the left of a house and garage.
When you reach the road SW 506 344, go straight across, signposted “Boskennel Mill”. Follow the river, keeping the river to your left-hand side, until you come to a bridge SW 509 342.
Crossover the wooden bridge, go up the path and continue as it becomes keep on the track as it turns to the right until you reach a small road with an multi sign-post (see Note 1) SW 514 338.
Turn right and follow the path down the hill. Take care and take your time as it becomes quite steep and rocky at SW 513 336.
Cross over a track and you’ll see the bridge you need to go across in front of you. Head towards the bridge and on the other side, follow the path across the field and turn left at the track.
Here the path gets confusing due to new houses being built alongside or over the original foot path (Ludgvan 103/17) which appears to be closed. So, turn right on the estate road, up the hill and onto Blowing House Hill – SW 513 333.
Turn left and follow this road downhill. At the main road turn right B3309. Cross over the road and turn left into Long Lane SW 510 331 and the, shortly, left again down an un-named road heading towards the Ludgvan community hall.
Carry on past Mole Valley Farmers, and then opposite the small industrial estate take the footpath on the right towards Ludgvan church SW 510 326.
Walk up the fields pass “Cilla and Roy” SW 508 327. When you reach Ludgvan, turn left and you will see the church and your start point.