Walk L4

Lelant Inland to St Ives and Coast Return (1962 Map 7 Walk 4)


Note – if you would prefer to walk the Coast Path into St Ives first with an inland return – use the “Anti-Clockwise” route “St Ives 8 Inland Lelant and Coast Return (1962 Map 7 Walk 4)”.

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From St Uny’s Church at Lelant, take the path north towards the sea until you reach the railway bridge.

Keep left (do not go under the railway bridge) and follow the path keeping the railway on your right and the golf course on the left. 

The path turns sharp right at the end of the golf course to a junction of paths, SW 535 382

Turn right and follow this path until you reach a footpath on the left.  This footpath leads between two hedges to pass to the left of some buildings. The footpath turns sharp left in front of the building to keep the hedge on your right.  At the end of this path, join Church Lane for a short distance to cross St Ives Road SW 533 380 into Laity Lane. 

Follow Laity Lane until the road bends sharp left, there find a stile to cross the field directly ahead.  Exit the field over another stile SW 522 378 and turn right onto the lane past Trewartha Farmhouse. 

The lane turns into a footpath then back into a lane again, find the footpath on the left SW 521 382 which leads to Carninney Farm, continue along to the end of the lane. 

Turn left then right onto a footpath, SW 520 386 at the first junction of paths take the path to the left and climb the hill keeping the tree line on your left.  Keeping to the left, pass through a gap in a wall and follow the path up to Knill’s Monument SW 516 386. (Note 1)

When you step down from the monument, turn immediately right to find the footpath heading north with Godrevy Lighthouse in the distance.  As you descend, take the footpath to the left and follow the path to join Steeple Lane.  Turn right to follow the lane downhill, finding a Bridleway on the leftSW 519 390

At the end of the bridleway turn right to follow another path with the school on your left.  At the end of the path turn left to follow the road which leads on to a footpath.  At the end of the path turn right onto Bellyars LaneSW 516 395, then right again into Talland Road. 

At the end of the road turn right into Porthminster Terrace then left into Pendnover Terrace.  Follow the road to the right, down an unnamed road and then left to find The Terrace. 

Cross over the road to the Malakoff and see the harbour below (note 2).

Follow the road downhill past the shops.  Turn right at the end to go down Lifeboat Hill into the Harbour.

When you have finished exploring St Ives and it’s harbour, return to the Lifeboat Station, find the Coast Path behind the station and follow it back to St Uny’s Church in Lelant.