Walk L1

Lamorna Pottery Paul

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This walk is mainly on tracks and quiet lanes and is an ideal route when the countryside is muddy.. Nearly 6 miles in all with one long, fairly gentle climb at the start, rewarded by delightful views towards Mounts Bay and finished off with a wander down the Lamorna Stream.
Starting from Lamorna Pottery (grid reference SW 441 257), walk due south, down the road towards Lamorna itself taking care to avoid the traffic.
After about 100 yards SW 441 254, turn left up a track. Follow the track up the hill and continue as it becomes a path, until you get to the small hamlet of Castallack SW 451 252.
Turn left along the road towards Sheffield, keeping on it as it turns sharply left. About 200 yards after this sharp turn SW 457 258, turn right down a lane towards Reginnis.
But only stay on this lane for about 40 yards – you need to go over a stile on your left at SW 458 259 and cross 2 fields, heading towards Paul Church tower in the distance, until you reach the lane to Halwyn Farm.
Go straight across the lane, crossing several styles to reach the farm at Trevithal SW 462 266.
Once at Trevithal, find the track that leaves the hamlet and meets the lane that goes from Sheffield to Paul – turn right and head towards Paul.
Have a wander around Paul and, when you are ready, take the lane that goes towards the cricket ground – starting at SW 463 271.
Once at the ground, keep to the left and follow the path past the cemetery until you get to a narrow track – turn right and follow it until you arrive at the Sheffield road SW 457 269.
Turn right along the road towards Newlyn then, after about 75 yards SW 457 270, turn left up a track past a garage. The track becomes a bridleway and will bring you out onto the lane to Kerris.
Turn left towards Kerris but when the lane turns sharp right (SW 446 270), keep going straight along a track.
This track goes down the valley, following the Lamorna stream, back to the Pottery. At SW 444 263 it joins a lane, turn left on the lane as it continues down the valley.
If it is not too muddy, take the path to the right at Trevelloe House (a very imposing house on your left) SW 444 262. Else continue down the lane to the Newlyn to Lamorna road and turn right back to the Pottery – but be careful as it can be busy.