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Helston 2.5 Opes, Lanes and Steps

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This Helston town walk has tried to take in as many of the old “Opes” (Alleyways) of Helston as possible as well as trying to show you around Historic Helston. It’s not a long walk but Helston is full of interesting buildings and various pavement patterns. Take your time, have a coffee or a pint of Spingo and enjoy Helston!

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Start by Parking in the FREE Flora carpark (this must be the last of it’s kind in Cornwall). Leave the carpark and cross the road to Coronation Park. With the water on your left, follow the path towards the cafe before passing in front and turning diagonally right towards the market and main Penzance to Helstonroad, next to Lidl.

Cross the road at the traffic lights and go diagonally through Gastle Green carpark (which used to be Helston’s Cattle Market) to the pedestrian signpost at the bottom of Castle Hill (SW 656 273). (See note 1)

Climb the 41 steps to the bowling green and continue to Almshouse Hill. Turn left down this hill, following the road around to the right into St Johns Road. Just past Dales the Butchers, turn right up “Drippy Droppy” Ope (See Note 2).

At the top of Drippy Droppy, turn right into Penhellaz Hill, and after 20-30 feet, turn right into “Tubban” on Penhellaz road, which is actually a lane. Turn left and you are back at Nettles Chip shop, check out the Dalek in the window. Keep left into Lady Street and turn left into “Tanyard Lane” (See Note 3) follow this lane until you reach Cross Street.

The Royal British Legion Club used to be in Tanyard Lane but have now gone and the houses built on the site have First World War battle/region names in its memory.

Turn right on reaching Cross Street and then, after about 20 yards, find Church Lane on your left (which is actually an alleyway with a “Public Footpath” sign).  Follow Church Lane to Saint Michaels Church, enter the churchyard by the lower gate off Church Lane and follow the churchyard path diagonally to the top corner gate. This is a wonderful churchyard with lots to explore, but the one thing that stands out for me are the surname inscriptions carved into the granite tombs.

At the top gate, don’t enter the road, but turn right and follow it in the churchyard, with Sea View Terrace opposite.  Leave by the main gate (I love those curved Church steps) into Church Street. Walk down Church Street on the right hand side, cross over the road and continue until you come to Five Wells Lane on your right (See Note 4).

The water channels by the side of the road in Church Street are called “Kennels” and are at least 600 years old.

Follow Five Wells Lane until you come to the well (which is on your right) with Wheelbarrow Lane on your left-hand side. Wheelbarrow Lane has cobbles and sloped stones alongside the steps to help barrow boys who visited the well (See note 5).

Follow Wheelbarrow Lane and then cross the road to The Museum of Cornish Life. This Is well worth a visit as is the cannon outside (See Note 6). When it’s time to move on, continue up the steps past the hardware shop and cross the road to go up Meneaege Street. Follow the right-hand pavement until you take a right hand lane just pass number 79 near the top. Follow this twisting lane and turn right at the road.

Follow Grange Road sweeping left and then right towards the Car park.  Look for the path in the right hand corner that leads back to Market Place signposted “Town Centre”. Turn left down the road for about 50 yards and look for Cobbled Ope (See Note 7) across the road, cross over and follow the lane down the hill. Turn left at the end into Five Wells Lane and then turn left and uphill into Lady Street.

Turn right towards the Grylls Monument alongside the bowling green. Here go downhill along Monument Road and at the double roundabout cross carefully towards Coronation Park. Keep to the left-hand pavement and at the Ford garage, turn left to regain access to the carpark.