Walk H1

Hayle 8 Foundry, Towans

Walk Details

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Return to the entrance to the car park and turn left when you get to the road.

Follow the path for about 50 yards, then cross the road SW 551 364 and take the cycle track into Hayle.

Just past the entrance to Carnsew Meadow (which is on the other side of the main road) take the ramp on the right SW 554 370 . This is an ancient tramway.

Keep to the right up the tramway until you reach the railway bridge SW 556 371.  Before crossing the bridge, take the path to the right and visit the Iron Age fort at the end of a short path and admire the view of Hayle with all the engineering works undertaken by Harvey’s.

Retrace your steps back to the bridge and cross the railway.  Keep going straight down the hill and turn right when you reach Foundry Farm Industrial Estate.

Walk under the arch and keep going straight until you reach the main road.  Cross the road to Millpond Avenue and walk keeping the mill pond on your left.  At the end of the road SW 558 367, take the bridleway to the left.  After 50 yards take the footpath to the left and cross over the stream at a small bridge.

Walk alongside the stream, keeping it on your left and walk through the Ropeworks ruined buildings. When you emerge from the Ropeworks, walk through the playground keeping to the path on the right and you will emerge on the road opposite the Philps pasty factory SW 558 369, turn right

When you get to the main road, go straight across along Chapel Terrace SW 558 370. Keep going straight, turn right just before you reach the railway viaduct signposted “Station” SW 558 372 and go up the hill towards the station before turning left to “Platform 2” along Penpole Sidings, underneath the railway station itself.

As you emerge from under the railway, turn right up some steps to “Platform 2” SW 559 373. When you see the bicycle stand, take the tram way to the left following a sign that says “railway, sidings and historic sand drag”.  Follow this track down the hill to the main road SW 558 375.

Cross the main road and then cross the bridge over the Copperhouse sluice gates.  Turn left and follow the pavement around to the left onto North Quay in front of the harbourmaster’s office

At the end of the quay, walk around the outside of the boat yard, and then turn left up a track leading towards the Lula restaurant SW 553 379.  Keeping Lula to your left, when you reach a sandy track turn left.  Follow the track towards the car park  .There is a noticeboard saying “Harvey’s Towans Car Park”.  Follow the track and then, 20 yards into the car park, turn right following the coast path sign SW 552 380.

Keep going slightly left when you get to the road leading through Riviere Towans.  Follow the road up the hill through the estate.  60 yards past the entrance to the Bluff Hotel, look out for a footpath on your left. There is a small sign on the right, indicating a footpath on the left SW 554 386.

Walk down what looks like a private drive, keeping to the left past Cliff Bungalows and keep to the left of Croft House, follow the narrow footpath between a hedge and fence, down to the coast.

Turn right when you reach the coast path, keeping in front of the public toilets (open in the summer) and stay on the coast path keeping the holiday park on your right.  At the sign for Mexico Towans turn right SW 557 389

Leave the coast path and follow the footpath up the steps into the corner of the holiday park.  Keep to the left-hand side of the holiday park following the tarmac road, past the Laundrette on your left and then make your way through the caravans on the left to find a gate in the eastern corner of the caravan park SW 558 387.

Turn right through the kissing gate and head towards some electricity distribution pylons.  Keep the very large electricity pylon to your right and head towards the houses on the edge of Phillack SW 561 385.

Leave Mexico Towans through the kissing gate into a road, Mexico Terrace.  Follow this road until you reach a T-junction and turn left SW 563 383.  Walk on the pavement, past the Bucket of Blood pub and past the church.  Follow the road down the hill as it turns to the right. At the bottom of the hill cross the stream and turn right down a footpath SW 568 383.

The footpath follows the stream until you join a cycle track, turn right onto the track, over the stream and follow the track until it reaches King George V Walkway SW 565 382.  Follow the walkway past the swimming pool and then turn left when you reach the North Quay main road SW 557 377.

Cross the sluice gates at Copperhouse Quay, cross the main road and turn right along Penpol Terrace, crossing the road at the pedestrian lights and continue as far as Asda SW 558 372.

Walk along the key, keeping Asda to your left. Keep to the left at the end of the quay until you approach the other side of Asda SW 556 373.

Turn right over the bridge, cross the entrance gate to the old Harvey’s harbour and then cross the sluices.  Follow the path to the left around Carnsew Pool, keeping the water to your left.

At the end of the path, behind the Tempest factory SW 552 369, climb up onto the main road and turn right

Cross the road when the pavement runs out and turn left at the road signposted St Erth SW 551 365.

Cross the St Erth road and follow the path on the right, which takes you back to the RSPB Bird Sanctuary.