Walk G9

Gulval 8 Nancledra

Walk Details

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From Gulval church head approximately east to find the footpath at SW 485 317, and follow it as it runs alongside the road for the length of two fields, at the end of the second turn left then find a gap in the hedge on the right at SW 492 318 turn left on to the footpath and follow the path uphill until it meets an intersection of paths, turn right and cross a stile keeping to the left-hand boundary in the field.  Just past a barn, turn left onto a track, then left again when it meets the road at Tolver, SW 490 323

Follow the road to find a footpath on the right, accessed by a stile, head diagonally left across the first field then diagonally right across the second.  Follow the path to the right of the fence to reach a gate, continue on the path to cross a stream by the bridge then over a stile and continue on the path to reach another road.  Turn right and follow the road to pass Lower Tremenheere Farm.  Continue on the road to find a footpath on the left at SW 492 330, cross the stile and cross the field heading slightly right, cross over another stile and through a small copse of trees to another field keeping to the left-hand boundary.  Cross another stile, turn right then left to follow a track then once again maintain the left-hand boundary to find a stile.  In the next field head directly across to reach a gate, then follow the path to reach a stile and Castle Gate road at Tressowe Manor, SW 496 337

Find a footpath directly opposite accessed by an awkward left stile, turn right and follow the path to another stile, continue ahead then bear left to a path between hedges.  At a gap in the boulder wall head diagonally left to find a gate and bridge, turn left on to the lane and follow it to the road at Lower Trenowin.

Find a lane opposite and follow it to reach Lower Chellew Farm at SW 499 344.  Pass through the metal gate and turn right to follow the footpath, then turn left to follow the track, pass through a metal gate to reach a field (at the time of writing this gate is tied closed and had to be climbed over). Keep to the right-hand boundary to reach another gate, then follow the path between hedges to reach a lane, follow this lane to reach the main Penzance to St Ives road at Higher Trenowin. 

Turn right on to the road, and just before reaching the Nancledra sign, find a lane on the left which leads to Borea, follow this lane to find a footpath on the left at SW 491 360.  Follow this path to reach a small gate, then follow the path around a field, then turn right to follow a narrow path between a boundary wall and a fence.  Pass through a gate and then directly across the field to a pair of gates, continue in the same direction keeping to the right of the fence.  Take the gate on the left and continue to follow the path, ignoring all side paths until it reaches Badgers Cross to Chysauster road at SW 474 342.

Turn right then left at the entrance to Boscreege Farm.  Follow the lane and turn left just after crossing the stream, cross the stile to the right of the gate and follow the track.  Where another track joins from the right, SW 470 339, turn left and head directly across the field (note – on the OS map, the path is identified as a path but not as a right of way).  Pass through the trees to find a bridge and gate.  In the next field head uphill in the same direction to find a metal gate on the left. Turn right on to the track, and follow it to where it bends sharp right, here find a gate directly ahead, follow the path beyond to reach a courtyard.  Bear left to the road then slightly right to reach a gate to the right of Trezelah Farm Cottage.  Pass by the buildings and head for the gate in the far-right corner in the field.  Head directly across the next field to reach the far boundary then turn left to find a gate, follow the path beyond which turns into a track, continue to follow this some distance until it reaches the main Penzance to Stives road again at SW 483 323.

Turn right, then after a short distance, find a footpath on the left, opposite the entrance to Kenegie Manor.  Cross over a stile, then keep to the right-hand boundary in the field.  Go down some stone steps into another field and this time keep to the left-hand boundary to a gap in the corner.  Turn left and find a gap in the hedge on the right, cross the field to reach a gap between the houses, then cross the road to find Gulval Church.