Walk G8

Gulval 7 Chysauster, Bakers Pit, Trezelah

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From Gulval Church Square, head north up some steps next to a telephone box.  Go through one field, and then diagonally across to the opposite left corner of the second field and go over a low style.  Follow the path through to the Gulval to St Ives Road and turn right SW 482 322.

After about 75 yards cross the road and take the footpath on the left. The path joins a drive and, where the drive splits, keep right down the drive until you get to a farmyard where you re-join the drive. 

Turn right, keeping the barn on your left SW 481 327, follow the right hand track up the hill. The track becomes a footpath, follow the footpath through the first field keeping the hedge on your right. Look out for a style with a large granite slab.  Once over the style, follow the hedge on the right for a few yards, and then branch diagonally across to a gap in the hedge on the opposite side of the field. Head towards Garris Farm and then exit onto Badgers Cross Road at SW 482 336.

 Turn left and walk for about a half mile along the road, looking for a bridleway on the right at SW 474 342, just past a small coniferous wood on your right.  Follow the bridleway up the hill for quite some time keeping straight on at junctions of paths, including at the large boulders and metal gate, which is the entrance to Castle and Dennis Quarry.

Continue down the hill, looking for a footpath on the left by some large bushes SW 484 353, turn left down the footpath and then join a farm track and through a metal gate. After about 50 yards at SW 489 356, there is a gate on the left that says “No Swimming“ that goes to Bakers Pit. 

Visit the pit and then retrace your steps to the farm track.  Continue past the ruined engine house through to a wooden gate next to the Bakers Pit noticeboard.  Turn left at the T-junction of tracks at SW 482 359.

The track becomes a road and then, at the Public Byway sign at a house called Woonsmith, turn left.

Follow the tack for quite some time as it winds it’s way up hill.  At a crossroads of tracks keep straight on through a metal gate, keeping left of a wooden chalet.  Keep straight on the track avoiding gates to fields on the right and driveways on the left.  The track turns sharply to the right through a metal gate with a notice from the farmer to close it. Go through a wooden gate and keep on the track.  Almost immediately take the left fork in the track and go through a metal gate.  Keep going straight through a muddy track, find a gap into the field and follow the track slightly uphill.

The track splits at this point.  There is a clear track on the left, but on the right, which is the path we need, it is very indistinct. Keep on the track to the fence and then turn right to follow the fence for about 30 yards to find a wooden style onto a footpath at SW 476 355.

Over the style and follow the footpath between a wire fence and a Cornish hedge looking for a style on the right at SW 476 354.  Follow the path as it swings round to the left and then find a gate into a large field at SW 475 354.

Walk down through the field looking for the stile slightly to the left of the bottom of the field, that’s at SW 471 354. Cross into the heathland and follow the path as it meanders between the gorse to reach a 3-way stile.  At the top of the stile “turn left” into more heathland and follow the path as it makes its way downhill through and becomes an ancient track to reach the Badgers Cross road again at Carnquidden Farm SW 476 349.

Go straight on at the road and look for a stile on the left in Bosulval at SW 465 349.  Cross the site and head south.  After about 50 yards, find the stile on the left, cross it and turn right, keeping the hedge on your right. 

Go through two fields, the path becomes a track and then straight on over the drive to Boscreege Farm.  After about 50 yards, at a junction of tracks SW 470 339, take the footpath to the left leading down through some woods (If there have been cattle in the fields it can be  quite difficult to find ) to the stream at SW 4707 3394

Cross the stream through the gates and head up the field towards the electricity pylons on the horizon. Keeping the hedge on your left heading towards the gate at SW 473 338.

Through the gate and turn right down the track. Where the track bends to the right, go through the gate and follow an ancient track into Trezelah.  Follow the path through the hamlet turning right after the “Old Carthouse”. 

The residents of the hamlet appear to keep the route to follow very obscure.  You are looking for a gate into “Trezelah Farm Cottage” farmyard. Keep slightly to the right, follow the waymark sign and head for the right hand side of the field.  In the far corner, where there is a gate in the hedge immediately followed by a stile, cross into a field SW 4776 3357.

Continue through the field with the hedge on your right and then cross the middle of the field, heading slightly to the left of the double electricity pylon in the distance.  Find a wooden gate and follow an ancient track down the hill through some houses at Little Kenegie.  Branch left at the large poly tunnels and follow the track.  When you reach the farmyard SW 481 327, take the track slightly left up the hill.  You are now on the path that we were on at the start of the walk.  Retrace your steps to the Gulval to St Ives road.  Turn left at the stile opposite the Kenegie Resort entrance.  Keep your eyes open for the gap in the hedge and stile half way down the second field SW 483 320

Return to Gulval Church and the start of the walk.