Walk G6

Gulval 5 Chysauster

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The starting point is Gulval Churchtown and follows the Walk Book’s Map 1 Walk 2 (to Chysauster Huts) and Walk 3 (to Castle an Dinas).  Both original routes have been truncated because of path closures and so we have combined them into one route.

Start from the top corner of Church Square SW 484 318 opposite the Coldstreamer Inn, up a steep flight of steps and across four fields to the St Ives road near Kenegie Holiday Village SW 482 322.

Turn right and walk up the road for about 100 yards before turning left over a stile and into a field.  Keep going straight across the field, down a track and into a farmyard at SW 481 327.  You will reach this point again on your return journey and retrace your steps to Gulval.

Turn right up a track with farm buildings on the left before crossing two fields diagonally to Garris Farm where you will join the road from Badgers Cross to Chysauster SW 482 366.  Across the road you will see a stile on the former path to Castle an Dinas, now closed because of expansion of the Cormac quarry.

Turn left down the road and walk for nearly a mile to Chysauster Settlement SW 469 347 which is now run by English Heritage and is well worth a visit when it re-opens after the lock-down. 

Carry on up the road until you get to Bosulval Farm where you will see a stile on the left just past the buildings at SW 465 346.

Cross the stile and follow the path through four fields keeping the hedge on your right until you get to the lane to Boscreege Farm at SW 469 340.

Cross the lane and after about 100 yards you will see a path leading off to the left down to a stream.  Turn left down the path, cross the stream and walk up the field to a gate and a track at SW 473 338.  Follow this track to Trezelah Farm hamlet SW 476 336.

As you arrive at the centre of the hamlet turn slightly right and find the path to the east at SW 477 335 where you will cross a stile into a smallholding.  The stile in the far corner leads into a field that descends to the house at Little Kenegie SW 480 329 where you will join a track.

Cross the stream and up the track to the farm buildings at SW 481 327 at which point you have reached the farmyard you crossed on the outward journey, and you can re-trace your steps to Gulval.