Walk G5

Gulval 4 Trevaylor Woods, Gear

Walk Details

A circular walk from Gulval through Trevaylor Woods to Gear and return.  This is one of the most beautiful walks in the district. A circular walk approximately four miles.  A few awkward stiles.

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At the top of Gulval Church Square, take the road passing the side of the Coldstreamer Inn. After 60 yards, at Trevean, take the footpath on the right SW 483 318

At the top of the footpath cross three fields.  Cross the fourth field ahead under Gulval Carn, where Humphry Davy loved to sit and muse as a boy SW 480 320.

Cross the road, and, immediately behind the thatched farmhouse of Trenow, the footpath leads down the hill on a wide track, (keeping left at the bottom) across the bridge and steeply up an enclosed footpath opposite SW 478 321. The stile at the top leads close by a right-hand hedge and over a stile into a road SW 476 321

A few yards up this road on the right you will see what was the entrance gate, between stately granite posts, to the old Manor-house of Rosemorran. Take the flat stile at the side of this gate and walk ahead to the top of the park, go over the stile by Rosemorran farmhouse SW 475 324, turning up the road to the right for 50 yards.

Take the Stile on the left by a gate into a short lane and then  over two fields with stiles keeping to the RHS, through a wooded area to Polkinghorne farmhouse SW 472 327

Turn left down the path, past farm houses, keeping right up the lane leading past some barns and left down a rough track in the bracken, gradually descending the side of the valley and eventually following along the outside of Trevaylor Wood.  Here the rhododendrons and bracken overgrow the path, but it can be traced, skirting the wood for about 250 yards, then it suddenly dives down to the left into it, and along inside its edge SW 466 330.

Follow in the same direction through the woods and then along the valley, out across the middle of two grassy areas, and over a stile into a broad, grassy lane SW 463 334.

Here, turn sharp left and after 50 yards there is a long footbridge over a clear, wide bit of stream SW 462 334.

Turning right, this leads into a shady, woodland path, parallel with the stream on the other side, and after about 150 yards you come up a steep, narrow path into the road, just above Gear Chapel, now a house SW 461 335

Turn left up the hill along the road towards Penzance. After nearly a mile, Trevaylor House is reached, with a lodge opposite and a farm behind. Continuing past Trevaylor House, further on there is a stile 300 yards on the left SW 469 324

Walk down the field past a nursery site turning right halfway down the field following the footpath over a stile.   Cross a field leading down to a wooden area SW 471 324.

Cross a bridge, up to the fields.  Cross three fields leading back to the entrance gates at Rosemorran SW 476 321

Cross the road and retrace the paths via Trenow back to Gulval.