Walk G4

Grove Corner 9 Mulfra Quoit, Chysauster, Embla

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Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2023

Take the bridleway at the back right-hand corner of the parking area. Take the first footpath on the left (which is about 200 yards further on than the footpath shown on the map), and follow the path over Mulfra Hill and past Mulfra Quoit, ignoring the side paths, continue to Mulfra, where the footpath leads on to a lane.  Follow the lane to the end and then turn left at Bay of Biscay SW 4543 3425, follow it through to Newmill. 

At the ‘T’ junction with the Gulval to Zennor road, cross it and find the lane, left of a house, just off to the right.  At the end of the lane, find a footpath on the right.  Follow the boulder lined route around the garden to a stile.  Turn left and about 100 yards beyond a copse of trees, find a clearly defined footpath heading up the hill, through the bushes.  Pass through a gate and at the top of hill, over a stile, cross a track and over another stile into a field beyond.  Take the path off to the right to pass to the right of the greenhouse as the path bends to the left. 

Cross a small field to find a path between the bushes, pass over another stile to find the field beyond, here head just to the right of the Boscreege Farm buildings to find a gate. Ignore the OS map which shows the path going through the farm buildings, instead, enter the field on the right and follow the left-hand boundary for about 100 yards to find a stile to the left of the gate.  Follow the lane beyond to reach the Badgers Cross to Chysauster road at SW 4743 3425.

Turn right and find the footpath shortly on the left pass through the gate and follow this path, passing through another gate.  At the next (at the time of writing, collapsed) gate continue straight ahead, and at the next (at time of writing, removed) gate, find a stile to the right, and continue straight ahead.  Cross a lane with a metal gate to the right (access to quarry) and as the path heads downhill find a footpath with marker post on the left, SW 4842 3537

After a few metres find a lift stile on the right, follow the path across Bakers’ Pit Nature Reserve to another lift stile, then bear left.  Follow footpath, over another stile to join a wide track, SW 4847 3576 turn left and follow the track downhill, at the junction take the right-hand track down the hill.  At entrance to Tredorwin, keep right and follow the footpath, keeping a watch for a gate on the left, with Tredorwin Cottage on it, accessed over a wooden bridge, there is a footpath marker on the right-hand gate post, although it is hidden in the bushes. Once through the gate, keep to the left and head up the hill.

Follow the path past the left-hand side of the house and over the driveway.  Continue on the path straight ahead, over a lift stile, keep to the left-hand boundary in the field, continuing straight ahead until the path divides, here turn right and head towards the house keeping the hedge on your right, finding a stile where the path reaches the road, at Georgia, SW 4836 3633.

Temporary Diversion – July 2023 due to summer growth blocking path – new route – Turn right and follow road to T junction with Embla to Nancledra road.  Turn left and follow the road to Embla.  Turn left towards Embla and return to the original route at Embla, SW 4827 3697.

Ignore this section  (Turn right and follow the road a short distance past the house on the left, then take the next entrance on the left and follow the driveway to the right of the next house, to pass between a cottage and garage.  Pass through one pedestrian metal gate keeping to the right of another pedestrian metal gate, pass through  two metal gates and head to another metal gate in the far-left corner, head straight across the next field, the head downhill to a stile in the far-right corner.  Head across the next field to a gap, then across the next field to the metal gate at) Embla, SW 4827 3697.Turn left onto the lane.)

Pass through a gate signposted ‘Embla Gew’ and continue straight ahead to pass through another gate onto a track, then through another gate, then bear left and follow a path alongside the hedge line, keeping the hedge on your right,  to reach a wooden gate.  Go through the gate and continue ahead passing the first marker post and at the next marker post with blue arrows, turn left onto the Tinners’ Way SW4724 3681.

Pass the first marker post and at the next one turn left to follow the bridleway and shortly afterwards, at the next marker post, left again, go through the gate ahead and follow the path between hedges.  Where the path widens to a track at the next marker post, continue ahead, after some distance the track bears right, ignore the footpath to the left and continue on the track past a barn to a gate. 

Turn left and follow a track through another gate, at Higher Conquer Farm turn right, to pass through a metal gate, head directly across the field to reach a stile, bear left to cross the next field to another stile, then across a third field heading in the same direction to reach a metal gate.  Turn right on to the lane to find a footpath on the left, cross over a stile and keep right, then pass around the edge of the field to find a footpath on the left follow this path going through a gate and over two stiles to reach Carnaquidden farm. 

Turn right on to the road then immediate right to follow the track signed, bridleway.    Follow this track to reach the farm buildings then turn left at bridleway sign and pass through the gate, bear left behind the barn and follow this path to reach Bishop’s Head and Foot.

Turn left onto the lane and follow the lane back to the parking area.