Walk G11

Gwinear 9.5 Gwithian, Towans, Angarrack

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From the church follow the road east towards Wall.  Take the footpath on the left just before Gwinear Hall SW 598 373.

Cross field for about 100 metres to a style and then turn left onto a permissive path.  Follow the lane down the valley and over a stream,  ignoring the path on the left.

Cross over a wooden stile and then follow the footpath across a field to Angarrack Lane SW 593 388.

Go straight across and follow the path to the main road in Connor Down SW 592 391.

Turn right and cross the road when safe to do so.

After about 200 metres, turn left at the byway marker (doctors’ surgery) SW 596 392 before crossing over the A30.

Immediately after crossing the A30 bridge, at the end of the byway, turn right and follow the lane.

When you reach Gwithian Road, turn right, cross the road and after about 20 mtrs, turn left into Nanterrow Lane SW 599 397.

Follow the lane for some distance then turn left into Green Lane at “No right of way” signpost SW 597 410.

When you get to the road through Gwithian,  turn right along Churchtown road.

After about 100 metres, turn left into Gothian Sands Reserve at SW 586 216.

Cross the reserve to the Coast path and turn left towards Gwithian Towans.

Lunch stop – follow the beach southwest and after about 150 metres there is a nice low wall that makes a good lunch stop.

After lunch, follow the beach to a flight of steps at SW 578 415 leading to Car Park with toilets.

Make your way across the dunes walking parallel to, or alongside, a private road leading to a car park on the left.  Shortly after the car park you reach St Ives Lane at a T junction  SW 581 405.

Cross St Ives Lane to the track opposite, continue along the track to a gate, turn right to follow the path in a field around a campsite.

Climb over a stone stile on the right and turn left following the edge of two fields.

Turn right at the end of field SW 585 400 with a view of houses in the distance and Carn Brae monument on the horizon.  Follow the path to a way marker post and turn left over a stone stile SW 584 399.

Cross over two fields and, at  SW 586 398, reach a T junction of paths where you turn right towards Treeve Farm haulage yard.  At the yard, find the footpath which is on the right behind a fence.

At the road turn left and follow it over the A30.  At the start of Connor Downs find a byway marker on the right at  SW 589 392.

Follow the path behind some houses and cross Carwin Rise road onto a bridleway.

Follow the path to reach Angarrack Lane at SW 589 385 turn right and follow the road down into Angarrack.

Turn into Back Lane on the left at SW 584 382, and at the end of the road, follow the footpath bearing right down to the stream.

At the end of footpath SW 587 378 turn left onto Riverside.

At the end of the road take the footpath on the left at SW 587 378 and go up the hill.  At the brick wall, take the footpath on the left over stone stile.

Follow the footpath around the field and cross the lane onto the footpath opposite.

Continue across two fields turning right to exit.

Arrive back at Gwinear church.