Walk D1

Drift Reservoir 4.3 Buryas Bridge, Skimmel Bridge

Walk Details

From the car park head down the road towards Drift.  At the cross roads with the A30 continue straight across and follow the road towards Chyenhal for some distance to find a bridleway on the left at SW 445 283

Follow this path, ignoring paths on the right to join the A30 at Buryas Bridge, turn right and follow the road a short distance to find a footpath just beyond the entrance to Trewidden on the left at SW 448 291.  Go up the steps and follow the path to reach a gate at SW 446 298.  Follow the road ahead and, where the road bends to the right, take the track on the left, to the right of Paynter’s Cottage.  Find a footpath on the left directly behind the cottage.

Follow the footpath to find a field, head directly across to a stile and then in the next field head diagonally to meet the right-hand boundary.  Follow the boundary line to meet a track at the end of the field, cross the farm track to a footpath opposite.  Follow the path between hedges to join a track.  Continue along the track to pass through a gate then past Red Lodge to join the Tremethwick Cross to Sancreed road at Skimmel Bridge, SW 435 301

Turn left on the road and follow it to find a footpath on the left, just after a bridge.  Follow the path through a wooded area, watch out for a sign on the left where the footpath joins the boundary wall, just past a large tree.  The path emerges onto a track which leads to the Sancreed road at Sellan SW 429 301

Turn left and follow the road to find a bridleway on the left, just past Sellan Veor Farm, where the road bends sharp right.

NOTE: The following section involves crossing a stream using uneven and potentially slippery stepping stones; walkers with mobility or balance issues should keep on the road for about 200 yards and take a bridleway on the left.  This re-joins the route after the stepping stones mentioned below.

Follow this path downhill to reach a stream, cross the stream by the stepping stones (which are uneven and at the time of writing were partially submerged).  Just after the stream turn left onto another bridleway and follow the footpath to Treganhoe Farm SW 428 294, turning left at the metal gate and then left again on to a lane, continue to follow the lane until it meets the Sancreed to Drift road at SW 429 290.  Follow the road back to the start.