Walk C8

Chapel Carn Brea 8 Sancreed Beacon, Bartinney Downs

Walk Details

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Note:  This walk is across some open scrubland and finding some of the paths can be tricky, I suggest that walkers use an electronic route guidance system and the .GPX file available from the WCFPS website.

From the car park at Chapel Carn Brea, cross over the road and follow the Bridleway opposite for some distance. Where the path meets a track turn right, then at the signage for St Euny Settlement turn left and follow the path through to Carn Euny, SW 401 288.

Exit the site at the gate opposite where you entered and cross the field beyond.  Turn left on to the track and where the track bears left, continue straight ahead through the gateway to another gate.  In the field beyond keep first to the left-hand boundary then continue in the same direction to find a stone stile in the far boundary, SW 404 291

Turn right and then turn left at small marker stone, follow the path uphill to a fence with a stile.  Continue to follow path to the top of Caer Bran SW 407 290, follow path downhill, passing through a gate and continue to reach marker post at SW 409 287.  Turn left to climb stile and follow path across field close to the right-hand boundary, in the next 4 fields, each with stiles continue in the same direction.  `after the last stile follow the path to the left of the house, then turn left on to the track at SW 414 289.  Cross a stile then head to the right to a tumbled down stile in the boundary, follow the path as it runs alongside the right-hand fence, crossing a stile and passing through a gate to reach the road at SW 412 294

Cross over the road to find a footpath which leads up to Sancreed Beacon, follow the path down the hill, taking the right fork at the first junction, then left at the second.  Continue to follow the path as it zig-zags across Grumbla Common, to reach another road via a pair of gates, SW 415 298.

Turn left and follow the road to find a footpath on the left at SW 414 299, which is accessed via driveway between a house and garage. Follow the path, passing through a gate then bearing right to reach a road at SW 409 295.  Find a footpath almost opposite and follow it to reach SW 406 292 and turn right, follow this path to once again reach the road.

Turn left in to a lane at SW 403 297, signed Higher Trevarthen and follow lane to reach a marker post at SW 401 293, turn right and pass through the gate.  Bear right in the field and find a stile in the boundary wall, cross directly across the next field to another stile, then continue in the same direction to pass Carn Glaze to another stile to the right of the gate.  Follow the track to another gate, then at the intersection of tracks turn left SW 395 300.

Follow the track a short distance, then turn left to pass through a metal gate, cross the field to another gate, bear right in the next field to reach another gate.  Turn left and follow close to the left-hand boundary to pass through another gate.  Continue to follow the path as it turns right, then take the next path on the right at SW 395 291 to pass Bartin Castle, enclosure and cairn at SW 394 292.   Follow the path. Downhill, passing a house to reach a gate at SW 390 296.  Continue on the path to find an easily missed stile on the right, continue ahead through the gorse to find a marker post.  Just before the post turn left onto footpath and take the next footpath on the right and follow the path as it bears right then crosses a stretch of open land to regain the path opposite.  Follow the path as it passes through a gateway then turn left onto the track, keeping the houses of Little Carn Grean SW 383 288 on the right.  Follow the path through to the road at SW 383 285.

Turn right and follow the road to reach a stile on the left, follow the path across a field diagonally left, then follow the left-hand boundary in the next 3 fields and diagonally left in the next field to reach Chapel Carn Brea.  After crossing the last stile turn right, then right again and look for a path on the left to pass over the hill and back to the start.