Walk C7

Chapel Carn Brea 4 Carn Euny


From the carpark walk up Carn Brea, past the beacon and continue down the other side, near the base of the hill turn right on to another path.  Follow this path to reach a path on the left which leads to a stile.  Cross the corner of the field to a metal gate and cross the next field to another gate.  Bear left in the next field to reach a stile in the far corner and in the next field follow the left-hand boundary to reach a gate.  Head diagonally right to reach a Marker Post and stile, then turn right on to the road SW 381 286.

Follow the road to another Marker Post on the left, then follow the track to pass a house, and at the second house turn right to pass through a gateway and follow the path as it heads uphill.  Continue ahead crossing some scrubland and onward through the gorse to reach a gap in a boundary wall.  Continue to follow the path uphill until you meet a cross path, here turn left and follow the path to reach a Marker Post at SW 388 293.

Turn right, taking the path uphill to reach a stile, turn right and follow the path to reach a gate into Bartinney Nature Reserve.  Continue on the path a short distance before turning left to reach a stile.  Follow the path directly across the lawn, then turn right on to a track.  Where the track turns left, continue ahead on the path to reach a farm track.  Follow this track, in roughly the same direction, to pass an area on the right enclosed by a stone boundary, take the next track on the right at SW 395 300.

Follow the track past a metal gate to reach a stile on the left just before a second gate.  Head straight ahead keeping close to the right-hand boundary to reach a stile, then cross the next field to a further stile.  Head slightly left in the next field to reach a gate.  Follow the short path before turning right on to the track at SW 400 291.

(At the time of writing the track here was flooded, with access only possible via a narrow verge on the left or by walking on top of the wall on the right.  If neither of these options are viable for you, retrace your step back up the short path and back through the gate.  Turn left and pick up a path which finishes at SW 399 289, here turn right to head back to the carpark or left to re-join the route at #.)

Continue to follow the track as it bends round to the left, (#) then turn left follow the signs to Carn Euny Settlement at SW 401 288.  Enter the settlement over a stile and once you have looked around leave by the same stile and re-trace your steps back to the track.  Turn right then left at Marker Post, taking the right-hand path.  Continue to follow this path some distance before crossing a road to return to the carpark.