Walk C2

Carbis Bay 5 Knill’s Monument, Trencrom

From the Cornish Arms SW 521 391

Turn left into Higher Treganna Road and immediately left again into Steeple Lane, picking up the St. Michael’s Way (SMW) markers which the walk follows as various points during the walk.  Follow the lane uphill until you reach the Knill’s Monument sign post SW 516 387.  Turn left as indicated and follow the footpath up to the monument.  Take the footpath opposite keeping the monument on your left.  At the next two path junctions keep left to re-join the SMW. At the end of the path turn left to join the lane (SMW) SW 513 385

One hundred metres past Withen farm take the path on the right passing through the gateway and up the driveway SW 519 379

Pass through another gateway and pass the house to find the footpath accessed by a stile.  Go over another stile and take the next stile on the right into a field, keeping to the left edge.  Cross another two fields both with stiles.  Turn left and left again through the buildings of Nance Farm SW 513 375 to join a lane which leads down to the road. 

Turn left on this busy road and follow it for around a quarter of a mile.  Just past a road junction find the path on the right accessed by a stile and gate SW 517 370.

Cross the fields to exit left of the house by two metal gates SW 515 366

Turn left onto the lane and just past the farmyard find another stile on the right SW 516 365, cross the field heading towards the hill. 

Find a stile partially hidden between two rocks.  Pass through the gate and follow the path uphill crossing a horse track. 

At the top of the hill SW 517 362 take in the extensive views over St Ives Bay and the Godrevy Lighthouse.

When you are ready to leave, continue in the same direction to find a path leading down the hill which passes through a gap in the hedge.  At the junction of paths continue straight ahead to find a SMW marker post.  Follow this path over a stile and across a lane and over another stile to a field SW 520 364

Follow the path down to another stile just left of a metal gate.  Pass over the stile and down some steps, the footpath continues on the other side of the road just to the left.  Follow the SMW marker post up the lane. 

At the end of the lane SW 523 369 the footpath passes to the right of the cottage and at the end find a stile into a field. 

Keeping to the left follow the hedge to find a stile on the left just before the metal gates SW 524 372

Cross the field to another stile.  Cross over the road to the lane indicated SMW marker, find another stile to the right of the barns crossing the field diagonally to a stile in a gap in the hedge  SW 523 376

Follow SMW crossing a bridle path, at the end of the footpath cross the road and follow the lane just to the right.  The lane reduces to a footpath then broadens again into a lane, where it broadens out find the footpath on the left SW 521 382

Follow this footpath crossing a farm track to Carninney Farm buildings, pass between the buildings and continue down the lane. 

At the end of the turn left, then after a few metres turn right into a footpath SW 520 386

At the first junction of paths keep right, after this remain on the same path ignoring all side paths. 

At the end of the path SW 518 389 turn right and follow the lane downhill to find the start of the walk.