Walk M3

Madron Trythall, Wishing Well

When choosing a walk in Cornwall you always do well by starting at a church as there are always plenty of paths radiating from them.  This walk starts from Madron, the Mother Church of Penzance, with paths leading off in all directions.  It is about 4 miles long and takes in open moor, wooded valleys and Madron Well.  What more could you wish for!

From the car park at the church SW 452 318 head north past the pub and then straight on up Aldreath Road. You can stay on the road or take the footpath that runs alongside starting at SW 353 320.  If you are on the path, you will re-join the road as it dips down towards the stream and kennels.

As the lane turns to the left, avoid the first path to the right and take the next path up through a few trees at SW 452 326 and then across a couple of fields to re-join the track at SW 452 330.

Straight across the track and over a few fields that bring you to Trythall Farm at SW 448 336.  Turn right at the lane for a hundred yards to the Newmill to Boskednan Lane at SW 449 338.  Turn left and follow this lane for a half mile, to a track leading off to the left at SW 442 340 which goes down to a stream.

Cross the stream and stay on the track for a few yards up the hill, before taking the path to the left at SW 441 339.  The path goes  through some rough pasture and then enters an ancient wood as it heads uphill to a gate at SW 441 336.  Here, turn right up an indistinct path over the moor for about 100 yards until it joins another path where you turn left and head due south along the hillside until you get to Boswarthen hamlet at SW 442 331.

Walk through the hamlet and down the lane for quite a way.  You will see a Celtic cross on the left before a track to the left at SW 445 324.

Turn left and you go up a track that becomes a path before passing the wishing well itself.  Follow the path on to the derelict chapel before finding the path on the far side at SW 446 328 through an avenue of pine trees that takes you to Aldreath Lane again and back to Madron.