Walk G1

Goldsithney 9 Relubbus, Perranuthnoe

Walk Details

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From the far end of the parking area follow the footpath diagonally across the field to the gap in the hedge.  Keep to the right-hand hedge to find another gap in the hedge, here cross over to keep the hedge on your left, again find a gap in the hedge to cross back though.  Cross the field diagonally to a gap in the hedge and a gate which leads to a road at SW 5430 3063 in Goldsithney, turn left to follow the road a short distance to a footpath on the right by the metal railings. 

Follow this footpath to Gears Lane at SW 542 309, turn left then almost immediately right and follow the lane past the buildings and then over a stile.  Keep to the right-hand hedge through the next three fields, separated by lift stiles cross the Marazion to St Hilary road at SW 538 316, and follow the lane opposite, turn right at Trevarthian Farm SW 536 321, then left just beyond a metal gate at marker post. 

At the next junction of paths, SW 537 324, turn right and then right again.  At the next junction of paths, by the stone pillar,SW 540 325, turn left and follow the path to Tregilliowe Farm SW 536 330. Turn right at the marker post and cross the stile, cross the field to the bottom right-hand corner and cross the next field keeping to the right-hand hedge.  Find a small path in the far corner and cross a stile. 

Keep to the left-hand hedge in the next field, cross another stile to find a lane.  Pass through three gates between the Tregethas Farm buildings and continue ahead on the track, the track turns sharp right then sharp left, after which find a marker post and footpath on the right, cross the bridge and two stiles.  Cross the field to a stile then cross over Long Lane to a further stile, cross the next field keeping to the left-hand hedge, exit the field by the metal gate and continue ahead past the metal silos to arrive at Trewinnard Manor SW 546 339

Turn right and follow the track, pass to the left of the gate and continue through the courtyard to regain the track that leads to the River Hayle, cross over the river on a concrete bridge.  Turn right to follow the way-marked footpath through the trees and across fields to reach a lane at SW 558 336.  Turn right and follow the lane to a marker post, just before a gate, turn right to cross the River Hayle again at SW 557 332.  Turn left and follow the footpath alongside the river to River Valley Park, where the footpath crosses to the opposite bank, continue to follow the course of the river to reach Relubbus at SW 566 319. 

Turn right on to the road and follow it for some distance to find a lane on the right just past the ‘St. Hilary’ signs, immediately find a footpath on the left at SW 561 315, follow the footpath and turn right, just before a gate  to pass between a fence and hedge.  Pass through three gates, keeping the hedge on the right, the footpath then follows the boundary to a stile on the right. 

The path turns left and leads on to a lane, turn right and at the end of this lane turn left to follow another lane. Pass Chapel Lane on the right and where the lane bends to the left, and there is a mound of earth in front, find a track on the right, at SW 562 309 follow this track, ignoring all side paths to meet the road at Trevelyan Plantation, SW 559 305. 

Take the road opposite and the first road on the right, which bends to the left, there are two lanes on the right, follow the right hand one, to cross another road at SW 553 304, at the end of the road follow the footpath ahead follow this footpath to a road at SW 549 301.  Follow the road opposite, which leads to the A394, cross the road then turn right to take the road on the left, signed Trebarvah.

At the end of the road, SW 545 293, turn right on to the footpath, take the right-hand path and keep the right-hand hedge, at the next junction, turn left at SW 542 294, and right at the next junction, and following the lane down to Perranuthnoe, where refreshments and toilets can be found. 

Follow the road away from the coast and turn left by the old telephone box, SW 538 296, cross the lane heading slightly left.

Turn right at the waymarked telephone pole and follow the footpath across two fields with low stiles.  Cross the next field keeping to the right-hand hedge and pass over a double stile.  Continue ahead to find yet another stile then cross the next field diagonally to a marker post.  Turn right and take the footpath which leads back to the A394.  Cross the road and turn left to find the start point.