Walk C9

Chapel Carn Brea 8.5 Lands’ End Airport, Cot Valley

Walk Details

From Chapel Carn Brea carpark go through the gate and follow the footpath uphill past the beacon and down the other side to reach another footpath at the base of the hill SW 384 279.  Turn left and follow path to a gate, the path then turns right and after a short distance find an easily missed footpath on the right, SW 384 276, about 20 metres before reaching a track.   Pass through gate, then along the edge of a field, at the end of the field continue ahead to reach driveway. 

Turn left the immediately right by a wooden post to cross two fields with a stile between.  At the road turn right and on the left, take the driveway to the left of the sign for The Stables.  At the stables, turn right between the buildings to reach a gate, SW 378 280.  Pass through a second gate, then keep to the right-hand boundary.  Pass over a stile to join a track at the house, where the track splits two ways continue ahead on the footpath through the gate.  Cross directly across the field and pass through a gap in the hedge, keep to the right-hand boundary in the next two fields.  20 metres after the field boundary turns left, find an easily missed stile on the right (10 metres before reaching the trees), SW 373 287.  Turn left on to the path which leads around the perimeter of the airport.

Pass over a stile to reach a track, which continues to follow the perimeter before reaching a road.  Turn left and follow the road to reach a track on the left, signed Gurland Farm, SW 366 288. Follow the track to pass the buildings, then take the gate of the right next to the caravan and continue along the left-hand boundary of the field.  Continue along the path between hedges and through a gate and then keep to the left-hand boundary to pass through a kissing gate.  Keep following the path as it slowly descends towards the coast.  Just after the next gate turn right to join the SW Coast Path (CP), SW 362 277.

Follow the CP for some distance taking care when crossing the granite boulders strewn along sections of the CP.  After passing two kissing gates, climb the hill ahead and turn right at the Marker Stone signed Letch Farm SW 3580 3018. 

Cross a stile and follow the well-defined path, bear right after a gate, through another gate and cross a field to a third gate.  Keep to the left-hand boundary to find a stile which leads on to a lane which passes between houses, SW 361 304.  At the end of the lane turn right on to a road and after 20 metres find a footpath on the left (to the left of a driveway).  Follow this path to reach a gate, then turn right to follow the right-hand boundary for a short distance before bearing left to reach a stile.  Continue to follow the path between fences, cross a stile and the driveway beyond, where the path widens into a track which passes between buildings.  Turn right to reach the road at Bosavern House, SW 370 304.

Turn right on to the main road, which shortly bends sharp left.  Where the road bends to the right find a footpath ahead.  Follow this path until it bends right to lead down to a house, the path continues ahead to right of the hedge as indicated by a maker arrow on the telegraph pole, SW 372 302.  The path leads behind the house before descending down the hill to some steps which leads into a caravan park.

At the marker post turn left between caravans to find a footpath after the last caravan.  Pass over two bridges and follow path to reach a road, SW 375 300.  Turn right then almost left to another footpath, pass through a gate and follow the path uphill to a stile.  Cross directly across two fields, each with marker posts, at second marker post turn right to reach a road, SW 374 296.

Turn left onto the road and after a short distance take the lane on the left.  Follow the lane to just before it turns left, where there is a track on the right, SW 381 292.  Follow the track until it turns right and pass through the gate ahead, cross two fields to reach another road.  Turn left and find a footpath on the right, SW 381 286.

Cross the stile and bear left in the field to reach a gate in the far corner.  In the next two fields, with a stile between, keep to the right-hand boundary.  Pass through a gate and turn left and follow the left-hand boundary to reach a stile, SW 383 281.  At the end of the path turn left to follow the path around the bottom of the hill, then turn left to return to the carpark.