Walk C1

Carbis Bay Knill’s Monument, Withen Farm, Nance

Walk along Count House Lane, up the hill.  When the road bends to the right continue straight ahead into the lane. 

Take the footpath on the right SW 520 386, just past (what was in 2023) the new houses.  At the first junction of paths take the right-hand path SW 519 386 and continue past the marker post. 

At the next junction of paths turn left to follow the path up the hill.  Glimpses of Knill’s Monument appear as you climb. 

Continue to the path that leads uphill at any junction of paths.  After admiring the view continue past the monument to take the path opposite (See note #1). 

Take the left-hand path at the next junction, picking up the St. Michael’s Way at the next marker post SW 515 387

At the end of the path turn left to again follow the St. Michael’s Way.  Continue along the lane until you reach Withen Farm on the left SW 518 379

A few yards beyond the farm take the footpath on the right.  The right of way is up the driveway through the black gate, pass through another gateway marked ’Venwyn Manor’, pass the buildings and find a stile to enter a path SW 517 376

Follow this path over another stile, crossing a farm track, at the end of the path find a stile in the wall on the right. 

Cross the field keeping to the left side to cross another stile.  Cross another field to a stile to the left of a metal gate.  Keep to the right-hand hedge as you cross this field before climbing another stile. 

Turn left at the marker post and left again to pass between the buildings and out on to a lane SW 514 375

At the end of the lane turn left on to the road (beware of fast-moving traffic, especially around the bends in the road), turn left into Nance Lake SW 515 372 if a refreshment stop is on your agenda.

Return to the road and continue in the same direction, just beyond a road on the right find a farm lane on the left SW 517 370

Follow the lane passing some buildings, at the end of the lane turn left, then immediately find a stile on the right opposite a house named ‘Crackers Stile’. 

Cross the field keeping to the right-hand hedge and over another stile again keeping to the right to cross another stile.  Cross the field toward a pink house and cross yet another stile onto a lane SW 522 377

Turn left to follow lane passing Trewartha Farmhouse, to pick up footpath at the end of the lane. 

At the end of footpath follow the lane down to the road SW 521 382

Follow the road straight ahead until it bears to the left, then take the footpath straight ahead.  The path turns into a lane and at the end of this lane is the start of the walk.