Walk B2

Buryas Bridge 6 Sheffield, Kerris

Starting from Buryas Bridge, walk from the bridge a short distance towards Lands End before turning left up a track. Turn left onto a bridleway at SW 447 288 and follow this to reach Tredavoe. Immediately before Tredavoe, turn sharp right onto another bridleway. After ¼ mile at a crossing of bridleways and paths, turn right, crossing a track and continue until the Drift road is met once again. Turn left on the road to Chyenhal, then right onto a bridleway. After a short distance, a footpath forks to the right, but continue on the bridleway across Chyenhal Moor. This section may be rather wet. Keeping the hedge on your right, the route curves round to the left to pass through two stone pillars and a metal gate to reach a track between two stone walls. After being initially muddy, this track becomes good, passing Higher Kerris Farm to reaches a lane.

At Kerris Road, do not cross it but instead turn sharp left over a Cornish stile crossing the field to cut the corner to reach the lane once again. Turn left along the lane for a quarter of a mile and, where the lane turns left, turn right onto the bridleway which proceeds round two sides of a field to reach another bridleway SW 455 272.  Turn right, the

bridleway becomes a track as you pass a garage on your right where you continue to reach the Sheffield Road. Turn right and walk through the village.

Opposite the road from Paul SW 457 267, proceed down a short narrow path to the left-hand side of the last house, number 17 named “Kernyk”.  At the end of the path cross a stile on the left into a field. Cross the field in a SW direction to another stile, continue in the same direction to cross a further stile. Follow the edge of the field keeping a hedge on your left to reach a further (possibly broken) stile in the corner of the field. Once over, take the descending path (avoiding the path to your right) to cross a wall and reach a small stream with steppingstones. This area may be rather wet!

After crossing the stream, bear right through bracken keeping a hedge on your left-hand side to reach a Cornish stile beside a house. The path continues in the same direction to another stile before emerging beside Clodgy Moor House. Follow the track a short distance before bearing right to a Cornish stile, avoiding the more obvious gap in the wall. (It may be necessary to divert briefly to gain access through a (temporary) electric fence).

The path now follows a largely SW direction across rough (and possibly wet) ground to reach another Cornish stile beside Red House SW 449 264. Once over the stile, continue in the same direction across a field to reach another stile beside a large tree. Cross and follow the edge of the field to yet another stile, to follow the path keeping the wall and a small wood on your left-hand side and a field to your right to emerge on a track, near Trevelloe House. The definitive map footpath is no longer accessible at this point so follow the track to the left to reach another track (T Junction) SW 444 263.

Turn right along the (tarmac) track for a short distance before reaching a broad bridleway at the point where the track turns sharp left. Follow the bridleway for half a mile, passing a small farm on your right to reach a footpath forking off to the left SW 445 269.

Our route follows the left-hand footpath to emerge beside buildings at Kerris and to reach a lane at Kerris Manor Farm. Turn right onto the lane for a short distance past two houses before turning left to follow a footpath heading north. Continue for five fields over stiles, keeping the hedge on your left and at the sixth field cross straight ahead in the same direction heading for an open gateway, SW 444 279. Here, the path forks – take the left-hand path and proceed over a stile to emerge on a bridleway at Tresvennack.

Turn right and follow past buildings to reach a sunken path and continue towards Ennis Farm, turning left before the farm to take a footpath in a northerly direction to reach the Drift road. Cross the road onto a bridleway which leads to Buryas Bridge and the start of the walk.