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Walk Dates for 2021

Until Covid 19 restrictions are lifted walks will continue to be on a Pop-up basis as and when the Government rules allow. Once all restriction on groups meeting allow the normal Walk Programmes to resume, a programme will be published starting at the most appropriate date below.

2021 Walk Programme Dates
Fri 8th Jan Mon 11th Jan Tue 19th Jan Wed 27th Jan
Thur 4th Feb Fri 12th Feb Mon 15th Feb Tue 23rd Feb  
Wed 3rd March Thur 11th March Fri 19th March Mon 22nd March Tue 30th March
Wed 7th April Thur 15th April Fri 23rd April Mon 26th April
Tue 4th May Wed 12th May Thur 20th May Fri 28th May Mon 31st May

Spring Bank holiday

Tue 8th June Wed 16th June Thur 24th June
Fri 2nd July Mon 5th July Tue 13th July Wed 21st July Thur 29th July
Fri 6th Aug Mon 9th Aug Tue 17th Aug Wed 25th Aug
Thur 2nd Sept Fri 10th Sept Mon 13th Sept Tue 21st Sept Wed 29th Sept
Thur 7th Oct Fri 15th oct Mon 18th Oct Tue 26th Oct
Wed 3rd Nov Thur 11th Nov Fri 19th Nov Mon 22nd Nov Tue 30th Nov
Wed 8th Dec Thur 16th Dec Fri 24th No Walk Mon 27th Dec