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Path Clearing

On Monday 31st January members assembled at Croft Hooper, Crowlas to complete the path clearing started back in November. At that time one team from Rosevidney and had got as far as Trevorrow Farm and another team had started from the more heavily overgrown Crowlas end. This month we cleared through to Trevorrow having removed a fallen tree in the process and cleared a now pristine stile and pedestrian gate. Apart from an ongoing slurry problem which we hope to be sorted out soon, the path is now reinstated. Congratulations to everyone.


The 28th November path clearing was on the footpath running from Rosevidney Barton under the railway line through Trevorrow Farm and on to Croft Hooper at Crowlas. We had a good turn out of members, therefore we split into two groups. One half managed to clear the rest of the already partially cleared lane down to and under the railway to reach the farm and then attacked the lane beyond the farm. The other half started at the Crowlas end and cleared the stile leading from the road before moving on the clear the brambles that are choking the footpath to over head height in the first field. There are still some brambles to clear as well as gates and stiles en route to Trevorrow. We will return to finish the task in 2017 so that the route can be incorporated in our walks programme. Also there is an issue with slurry at the farm which we have asked Cornwall to resolve.


Report of the Path Clearing Day October-2016