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Green Signs

Green Signs. Wherever a public right of way leaves the tarmac surface there should be a green sign. As members know there are many missing. Cormac have said that if they have a comprehensive list of the omissions they will be better able to make work lists to replace clutches of signs, thus making more efficient use of their manpower. If all our 300+ members gathered this information we would quickly have the information that Cormac needs.
Rights of Way include bridleways and byways too as these multi-user routes need to be correctly signed, and are equally important to walkers.
Also, the RoW cannot be changed without permission :
• a landowner must not interfere with the surface of a path unless he has permission from Cornwall Council
• a landowner cannot add extra limitation without applying to CC. Footpaths, Bridal Ways and Byways cannot be obstructed and a landowner must only replace like with like. Gates, stiles or kissing gate cannot be introduced or changed without permission.
• it is illegal for a cattle grid to be placed on a PRoW and a landowner cannot just divert a path around one as it changes the definitive line.

Electric Fencing
• There should be no electric fencing or exposed barbed wire adjacent to gates and stiles. On bridleways it is extremely dangerous to have electric wire running alongside.

• the CC is responsible for clearing the surface and that means right back to the full width.
• however, the landowner is now responsible for cutting the sides
• side growth can be cut during the bird nesting season if it is a hazard to the users. CC will send a team to inspect for nests then instruct the landowner to clear it if none are found.

Contact RoW Officer

Other groups are interested in Rights of Way being preserved, including Ramblers, The British Horse Society and numerous local walking groups.