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Covid-19 Walk Submittal

Government rules regarding the contact which is allowable during the transition between full lockdown and ‘normal’ life are gradually changing. WCFPS are introducing limited walks which ensure that the recommended number of people will not be exceeded. It is not possible to ensure this using our standard programme arrangements as it is impossible to know how many will arrive at the start of any given walk. As a way to limit the numbers, emails will be sent out using the MailChimp system. The email will contain details of the length and difficulty of the walk, together with the leader’s contact number. On a first come first served basis, each leader will accept the first five who wish to join them on the walk. (i.e. In accordance with Government Guidance).  They may keep a reserve list so that if one of those accepted decides against walking, their place can be offered to someone ‘on standby’.

The published dates will not be used whilst this system is in place; any day of the week may have a “Corvid-19 Walk”!  If enough leaders wish to submit walks, there may be a number of walks on any given day, and walks on more than one day in any week. We shall have to see how it goes and changes may need to be made as we learn.

Once the government restrictions are lifted completely, we will return to publishing our usual Walks Programme. Until then let’s make the best of it and do what we can within the rules.

LEADERS, Please complete the form below. Best of luck.

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